Simple Video of Maltese Carrying Her Toys Is So Full of Joy

This little baby is just so happy!

This Peter Griffith from Family Guy sound bite is being used to such great effect in so many TikTok videos, and this adorable tiny Maltese trucking around with her toys fits so perfectly with it! Thank you Tiktok user @CocoTheMalteseDog for uploading this hilarious video and having this sound go through our heads all day! 

Just watch this and try and get this sound bite out of your head! 

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See? It just fits too well! @Geektoria says, "I will now only hear Peter Griffin voices for all small dogs." Us too! @Kittie asks, "Where does one get a pet cloud?" That is so true! Coco is just a tiny little floofy cloud! She is just too cute. One of our favorite observations comes from @MichelleRose, who posts, "Respectfully, your dog walks like those barking pet toys they always had at mall kiosks in 2000’s." That's just exactly what she looks like! Wind her up and watch her go! 

We could watch this little baby carry her toys all day. Especially with that sound on. It's just too fitting. 

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