Simple Item Found at Home Depot Is Every Cat Parent's Dream

If your indoor cats are anything like ours, they try darting out the door anytime you open it slightly. They dream about being outside, trying to chase down the birds flying around. But unfortunately, they’re indoor cats for a reason. So, if we can’t bring them outside, why not bring the outside to them?

That’s what TikToker user @startwiththeopposite did and let’s just say it’s brilliant. This simple item the TikToker found at the Home Depot is something any cat owner can do. And we’ll bet as soon as you watch this clip, you’ll be running out to buy one yourself.

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O.M.G. So simple, yet so effective! You can see how these cats are so intrigued and interested in finding out what this green goodness is. LOL! The best part is that this patch is cheap. The creator said it is only about $15 at the Home Depot. $15 for our cat’s happiness? We’re sold!

“This makes me sad for my indoor cat. Like he’s supposed to be outside, but I know it’s not safe,” said @jessileee. That’s how we feel too! We know our cat wants nothing more than to be outside so this is a great alternative. @yooolivvv added, “My cat would love this. He cries just to go outside and eat grass.” LOL! Sounds like every other cat we know of.

As smart as this idea is, TikTokers are slightly concerned about their cats using this as their new litter box. LOL! That is a very valid concern. Some suggest trying artificial grass. @goddess_tani also suggested, “I have a small planter of grass near the water fountain. Same effect without the possibility of my cat pooping in it.” We like that idea!

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