Simple 'cottage witchery' tricks to fill your home with good energy and magic

Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha the witch in the 1960s TV series <em>Bewitched</em>. (Photo: Everett Collection)
Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha the witch in the 1960s TV series Bewitched. (Photo: Everett Collection)

Cottage witchery is all about creating an atmosphere of enchantment and positivity inside your home. I use this kind of magic daily in my own life, especially when it comes to creating a living space in which I can be happy. By “magic,” I’m not talking about wands and wizards, but rather the intentional use of natural elements to change the energy of a room. My favorite part about cottage witchery is that it doesn’t require spell-casting or total interior renovation to make the most out of the spaces where you live. By adding a few magical objects and rituals here and there, you can make a home feel enchanted immediately, on any budget.

For those interested in learning more about cottage magic and those who just want to make their space inviting, below are eight ways to bring magic into your home — no spells required.

1. Get a houseplant.

A new plant adds magic to a room instantly. Plants are symbols of the earth element, which promotes physical health and general material stability, but more than that, a plant is alive — which means that any room housing a plant will be vibrating with life and growth, encouraging prosperity.

I’d stay away from flowering plants because the short lifespans of their blooms bring more decay than life. Instead, I recommend succulents like cacti or jade; they’re hardy and require minimal care. They’re slow-growing, though, so if seeing some change is what you’re after, try a pothos or a fern — both are leafy, full, fast-growing, and great for beginners. Pothos especially do well indoors, even in poorly lit spaces.

2. Add light by opening curtains and using mirrors.

Every morning when I get up, I open the blinds in my room and let in the sunlight. Bringing nature into your home is a fast way to invite magic in too; natural light has many magical properties and is especially rejuvenating. Weather permitting, I recommend opening the windows — outdoor breezes and sounds clear out stale energies collecting in shut-up rooms and leave positive and natural ones in their place. If you don’t have much natural light or the weather isn’t right for opening windows, adding mirrors can also offer restoration. Mirrors bring a strong presence of the water element, which is related to emotional responses and dreams. Having a strong water element in a home promotes healing and understanding.

3. Hang a wind chime indoors.

For years I’ve been hanging wind chimes inside, usually by windows. Wind chimes represent the air element — the element of the mind and mental activity — and when the windows are open, they fill my apartment with movement and sound. The vibrations of a wind chime are an excellent way to move the air in a room, encouraging bad moods and negative thoughts to scram. Rooms without sounds let air and ideas stagnate.

You can also hang a wind chime above your workspace to help promote intellectual success. I got this idea from Cottage Witchery, by Ellen Dugan, who explains that moving the wind chime with your hand before you begin working can release creativity and inspiration and push away any lingering, worn-out energy.

4. Make a garland or wreath for your door.

Dugan also advocates for the natural magic in wreaths and garlands, which can hang on or above your doors, inside and out. Depending on the flowers (artificial or real), a wreath can serve as protection against intruders and negativity, or invite prosperity and health. Try a blend of thistle and lavender for protection or baby’s breath and lotus for joy and luck.

5. Place bells on doorknobs, in hallways, and around other areas of transition.

Like wind chimes, bells help clear energy. Doors with bells will jingle each time you pass through, waking any snoozing vibrations and giving each room a little refresher every time you come and go. You can also put small bells on your bag or keys for a transportable cleansing boost, encouraging good luck to follow you and to ward off unwanted energies.

6. Accent your rooms using specific colors.

Color magic is one of the first things a witchy person learns to tune in to. Choose the colors of items like pillows, blankets, and rugs with magical intention to change the atmosphere in any room. Yellow for creativity quickly adds new energy to a weary room; red, too, lustful and warm, can wake passions in a stale room. By contrast, blues and browns are traditionally more comforting, peaceful, and grounding to better soothe anxious energies in a hectic, chaotic room.

7. Use more candles.

Candles, obviously, represent the fire element, which is connected to passion, will, and creativity. Burning candles is a signal of transformation — and can be a powerful magical mood enhancer. You can light candles to encourage peace, prosperity, protection, creativity, and more. Color magic applies here too, so choose the appearance and scent of your candle to reinforce the reason for burning.

8. Throw things away!

Discarding objects is more magical than you might think. Clutter in your physical spaces leads to clutter in your emotional and magical ones. Energies get clogged, and any magic you’ve added to your home in other ways will have a harder time working if the space is already filled with negative transmissions from unwanted objects. Throw out anything you don’t want, need, or use, and clear up that psychic space for happier magic.

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