Simone Biles Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed, and Her Post-Surgery Video Is Hilarious

Elise Solé
Simone Biles is not afraid to look silly. (Photo: Getty Images)
Simone Biles is not afraid to look silly. (Photo: Getty Images)

Simone Biles is the new “David After Dentist.”

On Thursday, the gold-medalist Olympic gymnast shared a hilarious Instagram video of her recovery after getting her wisdom teeth removed. In the clip, Biles appears loopy from anesthesia, and her mouth is stuffed with gauze. She mimes driving a bus and beeping the horn, sings a tune, then collapses back in her chair, while her friends crack up offscreen.

“After wisdom teeth!! no words! haha! ENJOY! hope y’all get a good laugh!!” Biles captioned the video with nearly 1 million likes.

after wisdom teeth !! no words haha! ENJOY! hope yall get a good laugh!!

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on Jul 27, 2017 at 7:53am PDT

Leading up to her appointment, Biles had been polling Twitter for post-op meal ideas and sharing Snap selfies (bloody tissues included).

Biles joins the lineup of dental patients who have attained viral fame.

In 2013, a girl named Maddie who was wheeled into the recovery room after getting her wisdom teeth pulled vehemently insisted that she was a beached whale, then begged the staff, “I want to go to an amusement park!” When her request was denied, Maddie bargained, “Can I please just pierce my nose?” After mistaking a woman for Ellen DeGeneres because “you have short hair,” Maddie places a bouquet of flowers on her head. “I run this place,” she declares, while mumbling about swim lessons.

After her 2014 dental procedure, Jayci Underwood was devastated when she didn’t wake up as Nicki Minaj. “I just wanted to have her butt and her face,” she tearfully told her husband, who was filming. Underwood also lamented that she wasn’t friends with DeGeneres. After the video went viral (thanks in part to Minaj sharing it on social media), Underwood landed a spot on the comedian’s talk show, where she received a Minaj costume and a cash prize.

And last year, a pair of brothers staged an elaborate hoax on their little sister Millicent, who had just undergone dental surgery, convincing her that their town had been invaded by zombies — complete with a fake radio recording from the Centers for Disease Control and a frantic call from their mother while driving home. When the brothers finally confessed their prank to a stunned Millicent, they apologized profusely and said, “We love you.”

And, of course, there’s the most famous of them all: David.

Biles is certainly in good company.

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