Simone Biles Has the One Quarantine Hairstyle We All Wish We Had

Simone Biles Has the One Quarantine Hairstyle We All Wish We Had

Just when we thought Simone Biles couldn't get any better at generally being the best (at everything she does), here she comes with the most ideal hairstyle to have during a global quarantine: box braids. And of course, she's wearing the hell out of those plaits.

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The superstar gymnast shared the first photo of her latest style on April 5 via Instagram, appropriately captioning the pic, "quarantine and chill."

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quarantine and chill 🧊

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on Apr 5, 2020 at 12:12pm PDT

The following day, Biles posted a second photo of her hair, revealing that her gorgeous braids go all the way down to her hips. And yes, as I dread my next wash day, I'm extremely jealous that I didn't think to book a braid appointment before this all went down.

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working wine to five

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on Apr 6, 2020 at 4:27pm PDT

Seeing as the 2020 Olympics have now been postponed, the athlete now has ample time to give her hair — which typically has to be straightened and styled into a bun or ponytail while she performs — a well-deserved break.

"You really have to keep up with [your hair] or it will fall out," she told InStyle back in February. "I remember after the Olympics, a lot of my hair broke off, fell off."

Thankfully, Biles said that protective styling has helped her hair recover. "Personally, we learned to get some weaves, some extensions, to try to fill in those needs so that our hair can be healthy and grow again," she shared. "My hair journey has taken a couple years, but the length is all back and so is the thickness. But it's definitely not easy."

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