Simon Cowell Reveals He Would Love To Have a Second Child

Simon Cowell is known around the world as one of the toughest reality TV judges to go up against, but to one 9-year-old he's just known as Dad. Cowell, 63, and his fiancée Lauren Silverman, 45, welcomed their son, Eric, in 2014.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Cowell explained that fatherhood has been a tremendous experience for him. As he put it, "Will it happen? I don’t know. But I would love another kid. Being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me." In fact, he admits to having recently pondered the very idea. Cowell added, "Literally two days ago I was thinking about this and thinking, 'Yeah it would be nice to have another.'"

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In October 2022, Cowell told The Sun that Eric's birth helped him see there are a lot of ways to get joy out of life. As he put it, before his son was born he was primarily focused on his career, but Eric's arrival offered him a new perspective. He explained, "If Eric hadn't come along, God knows what would have happened. Before Eric, my life was 99 percent work. I was obsessed with it."

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Cowell and Silverman have been engaged since 2021. Cowell proposed to Silverman on Christmas Eve that year while the family vacationed in Barbados, where they first met, and both Eric and Silverman's older son Adam were there when the proposal happened.

A source told People, "They are both super happy. They've been together a long time now and adore each other so it's not a huge surprise to their close friends."

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