Sick Of Falling On Redpoint? Turn Failure Into Success With These 10 Tips From A Coach.

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This article originally appeared on Climbing

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For a foaming-at-the-mouth sport climber, nothing beats the feeling of going to work on a sick rig and piecing together a redpoint ascent before the sun sets on another great day at the crags.

All too often, however, the project might demand a second day of work--and perhaps many more--to complete. While it's great to have a long-term "lifetime project" to aspire to, becoming a better climber comes primarily by way of sending routes at or just below your maximum grade.

Therefore it's important to avoid getting sucked into the confidence-killing modus operandi of spending most of your climbing days hanging all over routes that are clearly an overreach at your current ability. Always remember, it's the act of sending routes that elevates your mental and technical skills and, thus, moves you closer to being able to send that lifetime project!

If you are new to the projecting game, I'll first layout the basic strategy for effectively working--and sending--the rig! Next, I'll give you some tips on how to best attack a route that doesn't go down on the first day; and to conclude we'll take a philosophical look at dealing with those frustrating long-term projects.

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