Siberian Huskies and Their Distinct Howls Have TikTok Fans Delighted

Ladies and gentleman, it's time to pick your howler!

Ladies and gentleman, you only have today to get through and then it's the weekend! Because life is hard, you should probably take one of these huskies with you, because whether you are dealing with a demanding boss, an annoying co-worker, or some jerk barista who spelled your name wrong one of these howlers will be sure to help.

We love everything about this video posted by @Tikanni.kita.n.tehya of their gorgeous dogs, especially how they framed it like we are all playing Mortal Kombat and these huskies are here to help us win our day!

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Making their first choice is @Agzters, who comments, "One screamer thank you. He shall be my champion." @Wolfy hilariously adds, "Screamer does +2 psychic damage." @Francescademarchi4 replies, "I choose the Screamer... such a drama king." Okay so we get that, but so many people are picking the screamer! He's obviously got a lot of power, but let's hear it for the other dogs! @Endoo comments, "I'm a hard fan #TeamSiren." Yay! Team Siren! @Mikel adds, "The siren one is so cute but I want the classic awooo please."

@Ceridavid has the best comments ever with, "I'll take all 3 please, they all go so well with my daily moods." All three of these for us too, but we have a feeling we may need the screamer a lot today. Or as @OhNo comments, "I’m gonna show this to my therapist to explain my thought processes."

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