SI Swimsuit Model Georgina Burke Reveals How She Deals With Online Haters

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Internet trolls don't stand a chance!

Boss babes do boss things... especially when it comes to letting haters online know they don't have as much power as they sometimes like to think!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Georgina Burke is not one to mess with, and she apparently learned some of her hate defense tactics from body-positive advocate, Hunter McGrady.

While in Miami last month, the 2022 SI Swim rookie partook in a game of water pong, where every time someone sank a shot with a ping-pong ball in the opposing player’s cup of water, the losing player pulled a question to answer.

When asked the question, “How do you tackle internet trolls and online haters?” Burke responded with “I recently started doing what Hunter McGrady does." She further explained: “If somebody writes disgusting comments on my Instagram, I go in and find their LinkedIn profile and call their boss or email them personally and alert them that I am gonna be telling their boss.”

What a way to move strategically and hit 'em where it hurts!

The swimsuit designer's water pong opponent, Olivia Ponton, responded in awe. “I have never heard of that and that is such a boss move,” she said. “I’ve been going through a lot of internet trolling and I don’t know how to deal with it. Well, I kind of do, but that is a very iconic thing.”

Burke continued to provide insight for her reasoning to the bold comebacks, saying, “If their boss knew they were commenting on my size, my shape, my whatever, like…it’s inappropriate, especially if it’s a father with girls and kids…you’re going to raise devils.”

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