Should Married Couples Always Sleep In The Same Bed?


What happens when you question the necessity to sleep in the same bed as your significant other? (Photo: Getty Images)

If your husband snores or frequently steals the covers, you might be tempted to relegate him to his own bed — or maybe even the couch! “It is more common than people think for couples to sleep in separate beds,” says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. “Many couples are able to spend their intimate and quality time together, but then retreat to their own bed for a better night’s sleep.”

And, if it’s done right, there are actually benefits to having your own bed. “If one partner is not sleeping well because of the other, it can lead to resentment, bitterness, arguments, and other troubles in the relationship,” explains Ransom-Alfred. “If you can compromise to resolve your issues and remain in the same bed, great! However, if you do need your own space just to sleep, be sure to do what’s needed to maintain the love, romance, and intimacy in the relationship before retreating off to your own bed.”

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Because sharing a bed can lead to spontaneous sex, pillow talk and stress-relieving cuddling, it’s important to get your fill of those things before you log your eight hours of shut-eye. And if you want to sleep in the same bed as your spouse but haven’t been able to, explore the different ways you might be able to share your covers once more. For example, if your husband snores, it could be time to call your physician. Or, if you can’t agree on the room temperature, “perhaps it’s time for one partner to double up on blankets or sleep with a fan,” Ransom-Alfred says.

By Jillian Kramer

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