Shots For Everybody! Passengers On Delayed Flight Help Themselves To Alcohol On Board

A Delta flight became an open bar of sorts. Passengers helped themselves to alcohol to offset the inconvenience of a delay.

Two Tik Tok users, Janelle and Kate posted a video that has gone viral. According to them, the flight was delayed five hours, so they, along with other passengers, turned the plane into a “college party.”

Nothing like a bit of alcohol to take the edge off.

Some TikTok Users Were Doubtful

One user commented, “not a ground delay. This is the middle of a very long flight. The creator is creating a false narrative, just like all things social media related.”

A second said, “this is literally the ‘Anytime Snack’ setup Delta offers…move along, people.”

A third asked why the women would make up the headline. But they insisted the video, and their experience, was authentic.

They wrote, “dude, we were stuck on the ground for 5 hours.”

Others Chimed In With Their Own Flight Delay Stories

Haley Goldberg wrote, “lol, I was delayed eight hours and they gave us all the free snacks and drinks.”

A second said, “wow!! I would have never thought that could happen!! Awesome.”

Amir wrote, “that’s why I always fly Delta.”

Peppy Penguin took a swipe at American Airlines.

“With American I was delayed 4 [hours] and the dusty food voucher they gave me didn’t even work.”

Flight Delays Are Commonplace

Anybody who has experience with flying, has probably experienced a delay or two.

According to Forbes, over the course of one day, there were “more than 25,000 flight delays and 3,100 cancellations.”

Those who are delayed for an extended period of time, rarely get any compensation for their troubles, at least in the US.

The Daily Dot reported, “in the EU, passengers who have experienced delays are entitled to up to €600 compensation per passenger, no such protection is legally codified in the United States.”