Shoppers Say 'Virtually Nothing Sticks' to All-Clad's Bakeware, and the Price Is the Lowest We've Ever Seen

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Get a set at up to 45% off.



Baking is an art in the kitchen, and anyone who bakes knows the importance of having the right pans. Chocolate chip cookies have to be able to slide off the baking sheet, banana bread needs a sturdy and properly-sized loaf pan, and tiered cakes require round pans that release them easily.

This is all to say, bakeware is just as important as the ingredients that go into your baked goods. Finding pieces that work well is imperative, and we’ve got the answer for you right here. Choose between either a five-piece or 10-piece bakeware set from All-Clad. Either way, shoppers say “virtually nothing sticks” to these pieces. And best of all, they’re up to 45% off at Amazon right now.



To buy: All-Clad 10-Piece Pro-Release Nonstick Bakeware Set, $160 (originally $292) at

This bakeware set is oven-safe up to 450°F and is made out of heavy gauge aluminized steel that has a nonstick coating, ensuring these pans cook evenly and food comes off easily. These pieces are thoughtfully designed; there’s no need to worry about dropping or touching the baked goods when removing them from the oven, as each pan has large handles allowing trouble-free access for grasping with bulky oven mitts. Plus, they are easy to clean.

The choice is yours as to what amount of bakeware you desire, although, as bakers ourselves, we are drooling over the 10-piece set. All-Clad’s 10-piece set includes a rectangular baking pan (9- by 13-inches), a square baking pan (8- by 8-inches), a one-pound loaf pan (8- by 4-inches), two 9-inch round cake pans, a 12-well muffin pan (14- by 11-inches), a quarter sheet pan (13- by 9-inches), a half sheet pan (16- by 11-inches), a cookie sheet (18- by 14-inches), and a cooling and baking rack (12- by 17-inches). For anyone with a smaller space, you can opt for the five-piece set that contains just the muffin pan, loaf pan, rectangular pan, cookie sheet, and the cooling and baking rack. No matter which you choose, you’ll be well equipped for years to come.



To buy: All-Clad 5-Piece Pro-Release Nonstick Bakeware Set, $80 (originally $100) at 

Amazon shoppers are raving about this bakeware, praising it for its nonstick coating, how easy it is to clean, and the even results it produces. Many specifically describe how well the nonstick works, with one writing that “virtually nothing sticks to them,” and another shopper adds that “everything has popped right off the pans.”

A third shopper loves these pans and says they “come clean in a snap” and “bake perfectly every time.”

If you are on the hunt for a great addition to your baking essentials, look no further and grab this nonstick bakeware set while it’s on sale at the lowest price we’ve seen in a while for up to 45% off at Amazon.

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