Shoppers report seeing a ghost roaming the aisles of a Massachusetts grocery store

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The ominous glow of a Wilmington, Mass. grocery store, Market Basket, which some shoppers say is haunted. (Photo: Yelp)
The ominous glow of a Wilmington, Mass. grocery store, Market Basket, which some shoppers say is haunted. (Photo: Yelp)

Typically, the scariest thing you’ll encounter at a grocery store is long lines at the checkout or an expired coupon. For shoppers in Wilmington, Mass. it’s an apparition that appears to be a young woman in Victorian clothing.

A members-only page on Facebook, dedicated to local events and possible coyote sightings in the area, has the community buzzing after several people reported seeing a young woman, between the age of 17 and 30, with light skin, dark hair, and blue eyes in out-of-fashion clothes wandering the aisles of Market Basket on Main Street. One shopper, according to, is familiar with her — as she used to visit her home when she lived near the store.

The post shared on the social media page has residents either laughing or admitting to seeing the ghostly figure.

“If the rumors are true, it makes this Market Basket a lot more interesting,” one shopper told CBS Boston.

“I saw her and looked away to see if anyone else saw her and when I looked back she was gone,” the woman who started the discussion reported in a follow-up post. She explained that the sighting happened so quickly she wasn’t able to take a picture.

Others, however, are not convinced, and jokingly ask the believers, “What are you smoking?”

Even employees are divided. A woman who has worked at the grocery store for four years wrote, “I don’t want to LOL if you’re totally serious.” While another shared that he believed the store is “definitely haunted.” Although, he admits that the overnight shifts may make his imagination run wild after working alone for “10 hours straight.”

One does have to wonder, if the stories are true, what did this poor soul do in her living life to be banished to grocery shop for the rest of eternity?

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