Shoppers Say This Pricey Eye Cream Gets Rid of Bags Within Four Days, and It's 50% Off Today Only

Rachel Nussbaum
·2 min read
clarins eye cream
clarins eye cream

It must be part of 2020's extended curse that for all the time we're spending inside, it's still so hard to get a decent night's sleep. Whether you're tossing and turning, doom-scrolling until midnight, or simply wake up from eight hours of sleep feeling like you got five, the toll means our under-eye bags have never been heavier. The fix? A usually-pricey eye cream that has shoppers singing its praises, on sale today for a cool 50 percent off.

Clarins' Extra-Firming Eye Cream doesn't beat around the bush with its name, or its proven results. With over 200 five-star reviews at Ulta, it's the rare under-eye treatment that doesn't take a month and a half to make a difference. Shoppers say that it's blissful instant gratification, the "perfect product for those wrinkles and droopy eyelids." One person writes that it's astounding, saying, "I started using [it] six days ago, and after four days my eye bags were gone."

The immediate and long-term effects derive from the formula's combination of caffeine, horse chestnut, and albizia bark extract, which the brand says reduces dark circles, puffiness, and signs of fatigue. Kangaroo flower and mitracarpus extract firm and fight wrinkles, and it's not just marketing mumbo jumbo: Shoppers write that their eyes look "much younger" since starting the serum, and it "continues to amaze" them how their "fine lines and circles disappear within seconds."

To buy: $33 (was $65);

Even those in their 60s write that the cream minimizes wrinkles, and bags are left looking "less saggy and swollen." It's so powerful that shoppers say they see "tremendous improvement in a week," and it has such a fan base that people say they've stuck with the brand for almost two decades (others write that they've bought this specific eye cream in particular for the last three years). The cream typically comes with a steep-but-warranted price of $65, but thanks to Ulta's Love Your Skin sale, it's marked down to $33 for today (Jan. 8).

Relief for our under-eye bags would've been enough, but canny shoppers say it's also noticeably decreased their under-eye lines, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles. Per reviewers, it's one of "the very few eye products that works"—the mix of tropical plant extracts, organic almond oil, and mother-of-pearl—a hard-working trifecta for youthful, wide-awake-looking eyes. Fingers crossed "fake it 'til you make it" works for our sleep schedule too.