Shoppers Say Their Hair Looks “Fuller” and “Absolutely Gorgeous” Thanks to This On-Sale Growth Serum

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There’s one day left to shop Nicole Kidman’s go-to haircare brand for less.



In my time as a beauty writer, I’ve covered hair growth formulas more than any other cosmetic product. It makes sense, considering thinning hair affects about 50 percent of women and 80 percent of men throughout the course of their lifetime, according to a 2016 report from NYU Langone Hospital. In my own researching, testing, and reading shopper reviews, a few brands have stood out for their ingredients and efficacy — the first and foremost being the Nicole Kidman-backed line, Vegamour.

I’ve tried out many of the brand's offerings (the new Hydr8 shampoo is currently in my shower), and can attest that they’ve all made hair voluminous and my scalp free of buildup (a contributor to inflammation-related shedding). However, the product that’s really put Vegamour on the map is its GRO Serum, a blend of plant-based ingredients formulated to strengthen existing strands and promote the growth of new ones. Caffeine, for instance, triggers increased circulation to the scalp, which in turn supplies follicles with more nutrients. Additionally, turmeric and glycerin work in tandem to relieve inflammation and restore hydration to dry, irritated scalps. The latter even protects your roots from becoming brittle, which causes them to break. Thanks to its water base, the serum feels lightweight and doesn’t leave that greasy-looking shine that comes from other scalp topicals.



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Most importantly, so many shoppers dealing with both long- and short-term shedding and have seen noticeable results, and many become repeat buyers. For instance, after four months, one shopper wrote that their once-balding mane had “completely transformed” into a “fuller, shinier, thicker, bouncier, longer, and just absolutely gorgeous” head of hair. “Unbelievable,” agreed another user, who “couldn’t believe” how full their scalp looked after just three months. “It has made my scalp feel so much healthier,” noted a third who also noticed a “significant” reduction in shedding.

Vegamour’s Memorial Day weekend sale ends tonight at midnight, meaning there’s still time to shop this serum at a discount. Use the code SUMMERSALE at checkout to score this best-seller for 25 percent off.

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