Shoppers Say This Firming Serum That Makes “Fine Lines Look Fainter” Is the Key to Youthful Skin

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It’s perfect for a fall skincare refresh.

<p>Credo / InStyle</p>

Credo / InStyle

It pains me to say this, but it’s somehow already September. Saying goodbye to the long, bright days of summer is hard, but there are things to look forward to: Among them, weather that permits a multi-step skincare routine rather than one that is bare bones. There are so, so many products you could pick, but why not go with something that’s affordable, clean, packed with effective active ingredients, and beloved by shoppers? Say, Follain’s Firming Collagen Boost Serum.

Follain was one of the first clean beauty retailers on the scene. When its stores shuddered, I was devastated to see a pioneering authority of clean skincare gone. Thankfully, Credo acquired and resuscitated the brand, so we can still enjoy a $38 serum that makes skin look "smooth, refreshed, and firm,” per shoppers.




The reported benefits are numerous thanks to a list of ingredients that each have a handful of benefits. The Follain Serum harnesses retinol-alternative bakuchiol and peptides to improve your skin's innate collagen production process. Collagen in turn makes skin supple and firm. Moisture is provided, maintained, and increased thanks to a one-two punch of hyaluronic acid and electrolytes. Heavy-hitting niacinamide also makes an appearance in this serum to reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles in addition to brightening and revitalizing your complexion.

The TL;DR is that Follain’s Firming Collagen Boost Serum is a thin, lightweight formula that layers well, promotes collagen production, and encourages tighter, smoother, more elastic- and youthful-looking skin. One reviewer said, “I have been receiving multiple comments on my skin lately and this is the only new product I have added to my routine.” The difference? “My face is more balanced and hydrated, and any texture or imperfections have been completely minimized,” they wrote. Another shopper said they have repurchased Follain’s Firming Collagen Boost Serum several times because it makes “pores look smaller and fine lines look fainter.”

Head to Credo to shop Follain’s Firming Collagen Boost Serum for an affordable fall skin refresh. 

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