Shoppers Say This Facial Ice Roller Doubles as Headache Relief During Summer

Jayla Andrulonis

If you’ve ever taken a chilled can straight from the refrigerator and rolled it around on your face in an effort to cool off from the sweltering heat of summer, just know you’re not alone. But there may be an easier—and more beneficial—way to achieve the same relief. 

Ice rollers are a genius way of conveniently cooling down while also getting all the benefits of a traditional beauty roller. And according to the savvy skincare shoppers of Amazon, this $23 Esarora Ice Roller is one essential to keep in your freezer all summer long.

Like a traditional beauty roller, the best-seller is designed to plump and rejuvenate skin, relieve eye fatigue, and prevent wrinkles. With the added benefits of the icy cooling therapy, it also helps to shrink pores so they’re less visible, as well as calm down troubled and inflamed skin. 

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“This has helped my makeup look smoother and last longer. I live stream and record videos and this tool has been so beneficial,” said one reviewer. “I use it in the morning at the end of my skincare routine and it wakes me up and helps with my tired eyes.” 

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of using an ice roller, some of the Amazon shoppers behind the gadget’s more than 2,000 glowing reviews say it’s been their secret to fighting off headaches, migraines, and dealing with the heat

“I was in the habit of rolling a cold can of soda on my forehead to help with tension headaches and sinus pain but that was cumbersome and not always cold enough,” shared another shopper.. “This ice roller works so well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension. It froze very quickly and I felt instant relief.”

To get the most out of the roller, you simply keep it in the freezer or pop it in for 15 minutes for a quick freeze. Then just roll it along your forehead, jawline, eye area, or neck wherever you want icy relief and rejuvenated skin. One reviewer said it “numbs the area in a bittersweet way,” so they plan to “carry this thing around in the summer when it’s too hot because the heat causes migraines and pain.”

You can head to Amazon to get the multi-tasking ice roller in nine colors, all of which are under $23.

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