Shoppers With Dark Circles Are Going Concealer-Free Thanks to This Half-Off Eye Cream

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It’s on sale for 24 hours.

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If my goal for the New Year was to be more well-rested, I started 2023 on the wrong note. Staying up and out on New Year’s weekend has thrown my sleep schedule into a funk I haven’t quite been able to shake, with the bags under my eyes growing each day. So while I work toward getting more shut-eye (which might have to be a long-term goal) I need something that can at least help me look like I didn't hit the snooze button four times this morning. And right now, one such “miracle” product designed to give you that nine-hours-of-sleep look is on sale at Ulta.

Now through January 21, the retailer is discounting skincare products every day as part of its Love Your Skin Event. And today, the lineup includes Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Wrinkle and Dark Circle Eye Cream, which is 50 percent off for just 24 hours.



Shop now: $35 (Originally $69);

Lancôme’s on-sale eye cream is formulated with bifidus prebiotic and hyaluronic acid, giving it the ability to hydrate and plump under eyes — this means a reduction of dark circles and fine lines caused by dehydrated, thinning skin. And while many eye creams make a lot of promises, shoppers were amazed that Lancôme’s actually achieved what it set out to do. “This cream is the first I've come across that actually helps dark under eyes bags,” said one shopper. In fact, there are now days they “don't even wear concealer,” despite previously having deep, dark under eye bags. And a 61-year-old shopper noted that their dark circles were “gone” after just one week, adding that it’s “worth every cent.”

And while under eyes bags were disappearing for some, others noticed that the cream also smoothed fine lines. One 52-year-old shopper said this “plumped” the skin under their eyes, making them look more “supple, hydrated, and less droopy.” And another noted that their “entire eye area just looks so soft and smooth.”

Lancôme’s eye cream is only on sale today, so make sure to grab this “miracle in a jar” while it’s still 50 percent off.

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