Shoppers in Their 60s Say This Sculpting Body Lotion Makes a “Dramatic Difference” — and It’s Half Off

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But not for long.



When my boyfriend’s skin looks flaky, I gently direct him to the First Aid Beauty face cream in our medicine cabinet. Similarly, when an eczema-prone friend asked me to recommend skincare brands that jive with super-sensitized skin, First Aid Beauty was on my shortlist. As its name suggests, the brand creates products that work — quickly, visibly, and effectively — to relieve skin issues. In addition to mitigating dryness and soothing sensitivity, the brand has a brilliant body lotion that promotes firmer, toned skin. The First Aid Beauty Sculpting Body Lotion, as it’s called, actually lives up to its name; this according to shoppers who swear they’ve seen firmer skin in very little time. Better yet, the body lotion is 50 percent off — just in time for shorts season — but not for long. 

<p>First Aid Beauty</p>

First Aid Beauty

Shop now: $17 (Originally $34);

The First Aid Beauty Sculpting Body Lotion is a highly hydrating, skin-firming anti-aging lotion. Formulated for use virtually anywhere below the chin, the cream dispenses with a rich, emollient feel. Given its texture, it absorbs at a shockingly fast rate, shoppers say, leaving skin supple, not greasy within minutes. Over time, it imparts a firmer, more toned look to areas that often experience sagging, including the neck, chest, and behind, thanks to its powerhouse ingredient-packed formula.

Glycerin deeply hydrates and maintains moisture levels in the skin for a long time, while caffeine, another key ingredient, reduces skin puffiness, thanks to its vasoconstriction properties. This according to dermatologist Dr. Corey Hartman, MD, who previously shared with InStyle: “Caffeine constricts blood vessels, which increases circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory.” Moreover, it also offers antioxidant protection, which, in turn, can help maintain elastic, youthful-looking skin for longer. Hydrolyzed wheat protein — which is, per the brand, composed of peptides, aka protein chains of amino acids — firms skin over time by promoting collagen production.

While the purported effects this lotion provides may sound too good to be true, ample shopper acclaim says otherwise. For instance, one 60-something shopper dubs the lotion “the best product for aging skin,” after they noticed a “dramatic difference” in the firmness of their arms. Another shopper, whose skin is prone to drying out under the summer sun, says this lotion improves their issues, adding that their sundried limbs look and feel “a lot better” since using the product. Finally, one shopper swears the product is their “hidden secret” for toned body skin, noting that it gives their backside a “perk” and makes a “visible difference” on their neck and chest, “enough to skip the contour [makeup],” they add.

I’m entirely convinced. For a toning, highly hydrating body cream that shoppers swear by for firmer, more supple skin, shop the First Aid Beauty Sculpting Lotion while it’s on sale for half off and only $17.

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