Shoppers Say the $10 Body Highlighter Olivia Culpo Uses Makes Their Skin Look "Fabulous"

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It comes in seven stunning shades.

Amazon / InStyle
Amazon / InStyle

Anytime I step out in something skimpy, I always slick on body highlighter first. So, too, do many of the glowiest celebrities, including Olivia Culpo, who recently revealed one of her go-to formulas in an Amazon video: the $10 Liquid Luminizer from Olauty



Shop now: $10 (Originally $16);

The Olauty Liquid Luminizer is a shimmering liquid highlighter that’s formulated to enhance the skin below the chin — including limbs, décolleté, and anywhere else you want to add a touch of glow. Available in seven light-reflecting hues — including bronze, gold, and rose-gold — there’s a sheen to suit every skin tone. The formula creates a translucent veil of shimmer on the skin with a hint of the hue that’s infused.

In her video, Culpo shares that she accidentally left her bottle of Olauty body luminizer in Paris on a recent trip. “I’m actually so sad that I don’t have it to show you guys,” she says; “I love a body luminizer…and this one has really good results.” Plus, she adds, “$10 is such a great deal.”

The luminizer looks stunning on bare skin; it also layers well over other body products, including self-tanner, body makeup, and good old-fashioned moisturizer. According to the brand, it can even mix in with foundation for a customized glow. Personally, I plan to add it to my favorite body makeup for an extra boost of radiance. In addition to instant sheen, the luminizer imparts longer-term skin softness thanks to ingredients like hydrating aloe vera and fatty acid-rich jojoba oil.

The glow factor has shoppers enamored. Says one, “My skin looks fabulous when the sun hits it.” Another shopper, who calls Olauty’s “the best body highlight ever,” says it’s “better than expensive [formulas]” and makes them look like they just returned from vacation.

At $10, the model-approved body highlighter is certainly worth adding to your springtime beauty stash. Shop the Olauty Liquid Luminizer for an ultra-flattering skin-sheen you can sport from head to toe.

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