Puppy outsmarts owner, hatches plan to escape dog pen: 'This ain't his first rodeo'

Never underestimate a dog on a mission. A cunning puppy outsmarted its owner, who tried to keep it fenced in.

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TikToker @okie_que shared security footage of his adorable black and white Shih Tzu puppy. The tiny dog appeared to be almost a newborn but wise far beyond its years. When the pet owner tried to keep the pup sectioned off to its own area of the house, the Shih Tzu had other plans.

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The puppy looked barely old enough to be walking, let alone plotting and scheming. But somehow, it knew exactly what to do. The dog’s small crate was enclosed by a barricade. But the fence was no match for the clever critter.

The dog used its teeth to pull part of the fencing closer to the crate. Then the Shih Tzu climbed on top of the kennel, hopped onto the part of the pen it had moved closer, and leaped off the barricade to freedom.

The video was watched over 5.5 million times on TikTok.

“That dog deserves freedom at this point!” a user said.

“Clearly he’s a pro, wagging his tail the whole time. This ain’t his first rodeo!” another wrote.

“I’m glad my dog isn’t this smart or brave,” a person commented.

“Cutie pie knows his angles, plans ahead, keeps his focus, then succeeds at his goal! Well done,” a TikToker said.

“That’s some determination right there,” someone replied.

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