Shih Tzu Pumpkin Stencil

Look carefully at our printed stencil pattern, and you'll notice that this Shih Tzu's ears (along with several other sections) are etched. Etching is easy: Just use a gouge or electric etching tool to remove the pumpkin's skin, revealing the light-color rind below. In some cases (like these long, furry ears), you might choose to leave a few lines of pumpkin skin to mimic long strands of fur. Use our stencil as a starting point, and have fun creating your own unique Shih Tzu!

To carve:

1. Hollow out a pumpkin from the bottom by using a thin, serrated knife to remove the pumpkin's underside. Scoop out the pumpkin guts with your hands or a metal ice cream scoop.

2. Place your printed stencil on the pumpkin's surface and use clear tape to attach it, smoothing the paper as you tape. Use a poking tool to prick holes through the stencil into the pumpkin's skin, following along the stencil lines. Keep pin pricks closely spaced.

3. Remove the paper stencil and keep it nearby. Locate areas on the stencil that are surrounded by dotted lines, and etch those areas using our tips above. Locate areas on the stencil that are surrounded by solid lines, and carve those areas with a thin, serrated crafts knife. Use the pin pricks as a cutting guide, sawing gently from point to point.

4. Press gently from inside the pumpkin to pop cutout sections outward. Place a flameless candle inside your pumpkin, and enjoy the lovely glow.