Shhhh... You Can Get A Secret Birthday Cake At McDonald's For Just $9

mcdonald's cake
TikTok Discovered A Secret McDonald's Cake@Kayrock93 / TikTok

By now, we've all become pretty familiar with secret menu items. Sometimes they're created on TikTok; other times they're a fun way for a restaurant to promote new items. But nothing could have prepared us for an entire birthday cake being on McDonald's secret menu.

The Ronald Birthday Cake was featured in a TikTok by user @kayrock93. In the video, which has the caption "Did you know McDonalds sells 9 dollar cakes," a person can be seen slicing into a chocolate cake. The sheet cake appears to have buttercream icing. There's a screen-print of Ronald McDonald on top. Did you know about this?!

Users on TikTok were just as surprised as we were at the reveal, and quite a few of them had concerns... and jokes, lots of jokes.

"This looks like it was straight taken from 1998 without permission," one person commented.

"It’s $9 cuz they been trying to sell it since 1983," another user joked.

Others were a bit taken aback at the cake's unique appearance.

"Why is the cake like BLACK. Its not even greyish there has to be so much artificial coloring to make it that dark," said one person.

"That looks like one of those styrofoam grocery store display cakes from the 90s," one user pointed out.

Before you head to your nearest McDonald's to snag the birthday cake, there are a few things to keep in mind. While it's on the McDonald's website, according to the New York Post, getting your hands on the cake could be a bit of a challenge. It's only available at select McDonald's locations and it must be listed on the official menu. Happy Ronald cake hunting!

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