Sherwin-Williams Launches New Sanitizing and Air Purifying Paints

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Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams/ Youtube
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams/ Youtube

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ICYMI color psychology is a real phenomenon and yes, the colors of your walls can impact your well-being. When creating its new Living Well collection, paint titan Sherwin-Williams carefully curated 11 mood-setting color palettes. But it also looked for ways to further implement a wellness aspect into its products—and what it came up with is pretty genius. Sherwin-Williams' new collection introduces paint with sanitizing and air purifying technologies!

Starting this week, customers can purchase Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology, as well as SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology. The sanitizing paint, which is ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, "keeps walls sanitized 24/7 by delivering ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9% of certain bacteria on painted surfaces," according to a press release. The paint's germ-fighting technologies last up to four years.

Meanwhile, the new air-purifying paint works to improve indoor air quality by aiding the breakdown of unwanted odors and reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that may arise from potential sources like carpet, cabinets, and fabrics. This paint can be used in bedrooms, as well as many other rooms that could use better air quality.

Now you're probably wondering about the color palettes. Customers can shop these two paints in the collection's 11 exclusive palettes, such as the Balance palette, which includes soft woodland-inspired organic shades, and the Breathe palette, which consists of gentle taupes and warm tones. For those looking to bring some positive energy into the home, the Inspire palette includes fresh, feel-good brights.

Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams
Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams notes that no special tools are needed to apply these new paints. You can explore all 11 colorways of the Living Well collection here.

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