Sheriff's Office Staff Hailed As Heroes for Saving 14-Year-Old Dog Who Almost Froze to Death

Thank God officers came along in time.

We've all heard the idiom that cats have nine lives, well this lucky 14-year-old dog that was rescued by the Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office in Maine definitely has at least two. The dog had been let outside by his owner, who the Sheriff's office described as an elderly female, around 9 p.m. the night before. When the dog didn’t return, the woman stayed up all night waiting for her pet.

Deputies received a call about a dog lying freezing in the road in the town of Arrowsic on early Saturday morning, and Deputy Mark Anderson responded to the alert.

The female dog was found almost frozen in a ditch, and Anderson said there were claw marks in the dirt where the dog has tried to claw her way out of the hole. reports, "Anderson was able to get the dog out of the ditch and into his police cruiser. He then brought her to the dispatch center. The dog was bundled up in blankets and placed next to a space heater to warm up."

@BrianHobert comments, "Stories like this make me proud to have been a County Commissioner for Sagadahoc. I worked hard to support the Sheriff Department one of the best in the State!" @JaneReedy adds, "Thank you so much Deputy Anderson for your efforts in saving this dog! And thank you to the person who called it in as well as Communications Specialist Shaun and Dori! Great teamwork and compassion by all." @Annemarsch agrees and says, "Can never say thank you enough to all our public service providers for what they do for us and our families. What a wonderful, heart warming, happy ending story. Thank you!"

The dog was happily reunited with her owner and is recovering fine after her night in the cold. With temperatures still dipping below freezing in many parts of the country and snow still in the forecast, it's always a good idea to remember not to let your pets out in inclement weather unattended. Thank goodness for the wonderful sheriff who saved this sweet dog!

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