Shelter Worker Shares Different Sides of Rescue Dogs the Internet Doesn't Always See

Even the quickest scroll through the canine side of TikTok will show you many miserable-looking animals waiting in shelters for their forever home to find them. We don't blame you if it breaks your heart! Even those who work with dogs every day are touched by some pups' sob stories, but the truth isn't always as depressing as these videos make it seem.

As one 'dog trainer in training' is showing her rescue dog's followers on TikTok, there are so many positive qualities to the shelter animals who star in sad videos. She explains herself in full on her dog's account: @harveytherescue!

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Honestly, it's so reassuring to see this side of rescue pups! We see so many sad-looking fur babies who really tug on the heartstrings, but it's important to remember all of the amazing traits and quirks that make each animal so special.

"I love this," said @pierogitherescuedog. "No one gets how I visit animal shelters for fun, but I love giving pups positive human interaction and they’re usually so happy & sweet!" That's such a wonderful thing to do! We're sure it gives these dogs a fun distraction for a while--especially when there are dog treats involved-- and it sounds like it helps you feel good too. That's a win-win!

As a bonus, positive interactions with people can help shelter dogs stay stimulated and sane. There isn't much to do in a kennel, after all! Even brief interactions could be the difference between a shelter dog becoming depressed or continuing to hope.

Commenter @rlq41 agreed, "Love this!! They can certainly shut down, but they can also thrive being out of a crappy environment!" Exactly! With more focus on dogs' unique and positive traits, owners can get a preview of the beautiful personality they'll meet as their rescue pup learns to live life to the fullest.

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