Shelter Cats Teaming Up to Care for Their New Litters Are Total Co-Parenting Goals

Meet Evelyn Hugo and Celia, two stray mama cats who were brought into the @Simplycatsadoptioncenter after they were discovered caring for their litters of ten stray kittens together.

This is what totally successful (and adorable!) co-parenting looks like.

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Just look at how bonded these sweet mommies are together! They shelter explains in the video that because these two girls do everything they together, they will have to be adopted together, and yes, once the kittens are weaned they will be looking for their forever home. As for the kittens, once they are old enough to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered, they will need homes too!

As adorable as baby kittens are, there are simply too many unwanted kittens in animal shelters. Spaying or neutering is the most effective way to control the cat population. By spaying or neutering cats, they won't be able to reproduce and contribute to the cat population. You can get this done at a local animal shelter or vet clinic, and a lot of shelters offer low or no-cost spaying or neutering during different times of the year or as part of adoption events.

These two moms were so lucky the shelter took them in, and if you are interested in adopting this sweet pair or one of their kittens, you can find information on adoption or making a donation here. And please spay or neuter your own cats, it's just the kindest thing as a cat lover you can do.

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