Shelter Cat Who Lost 2 Homes Due to Both Owners Passing Is Breaking Hearts

There are so many harrowing stories from rescue animals across the globe, but one particular story about Sporty the cat is tugging on our heartstrings. This gorgeous part-tabby kitty recently found himself back in the shelter after losing not one but two homes due to the passing of his owner. Needless to say, we're just heartbroken for him!

This sweet senior cat is less than a month away from celebrating his 12th birthday, and we sure hope he doesn't spend it in the animal shelter. Fortunately, animal advocate @nomoresadkitties shared this guy's story on their popular TikTok account, so his fur-ever home might be closer than ever.

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Aww! We wish we could fly to Kentucky to spend some quality time with this pretty boy, but we know the folks at the Daviess County Animal Shelter are doing everything they can to keep him--and all their intakes--as happy and comfortable as possible.

As explained in the video, though, this shelter is at critical capacity. 'Code Red' likely means that a pet is on the euthanasia list or will be soon if they aren't connected with a foster or forever home. It's absolutely heartbreaking! Stories like Sporty's are why it's so important to get pets fixed and to adopt when you can.

Speaking of getting fixed, Sporty doesn't need to worry about that. According to his online bio, he's neutered, likely housetrained due to his history in homes, and has been comfortably free-roaming in the shelter. He'll make a wonderful companion for anyone ready to open their home to a gentle, old soul!

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