"She Used A Metal Spatula In My Nonstick Pan:" People Are Sharing Hilarious Reasons They Broke Up With Someone, And I Can't Stop Laughing At Some Of These

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Sometimes when you decide to break up with someone, it's not always for a dramatic reason. The reason could just be something small that you can't look past or something they said or did that might have really annoyed you.

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Being someone who always enjoys discussing the topic of dating, I got some popcorn out when Redditor u/[deleted] asked the question, "What's The Most Petty Reason You Stopped Dating Someone?" The responses are all really over the place. Here are some of them.

1."They tried to play 'TGIF' as a word in Scrabble."

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2."He rearranged stuff in my house while I was asleep."


3."I knew someone who broke up with his girlfriend because she had to wear glasses. Reason he gave me was that he didn’t like glasses."

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4."'cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):):p:p:p:p =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))"


5."Took him to a concert and he tapped his knee off beat."

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6."We went to the movies on a first date and he put his coat on the floor in a crowded movie theater."


7."Her voice was in the same register as Janice from 'Friends' or Fran Drescher from the 'Nanny.' Like daggers in my ears. Could not get over it. After the third date I had to back off and tell her I was way too busy right now to date."

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8."They Capitalized Every Written Word."


9."She lived in Brooklyn and I couldn't be bothered to go there from Queens."

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10."I broke up with this guy in high school because he ate so gross. I’ve never seen someone have their entire hands covered in ketchup after eating a hamburger. I had to sit next to him because I could not watch him eat."


11."He took the pickle off my plate without asking at dinner."

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12."It wasn’t the only reason but he had a REALLY bad tattoo."


13."He ate his candy bars with a fork and knife."

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14."She chewed with her mouth open."


15."For some reason every time he laughed he would be like super bubbly physically, like throwing his head back in all directions and throwing his arms up everywhere and I was like 'Who the fuck laughs like a bobble head figurine?'"

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16."I was kicking it with this girl but when she slept, her eyes didn’t close all the way. She looked like X-Men's Cyclops, always got her eyeballs on me. Very unsettling so I had to dip."


17."Her apartment only had street parking."

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18."I hated the way his Chapstick smelled."


19."She used a metal spatula in my nonstick pan."

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20."He made me meatballs one night and he had tiny hands. I couldn't look at him the same after seeing his itty bitty hands rolling those meatballs. I'm a horrible person."


21."Farted in front of me too soon."

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22."He wouldn’t stop telling jokes. I never knew if he was actually telling me a story or there was going to be a damn punch line. I eventually stopped laughing."


23."Handwriting. She spent the night, left me a note that she was going to get donuts. Looked like a ransom note. That was it for me."



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24."She would never play a whole song. Always had to skip to the next song like halfway through any song. She said she got bored too quickly listening to the same sounds."


25."I dated a smoking hot guy, then I found that he was a clown for children's parties and had a collection of clown artwork. No one is hot enough to consider integrating a clown collection into my home, much less a clown."


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