The ‘she lives inside of me’ trend makes the rounds, and it’s every bit emotional as you’d expect

A new TikTok trend has emerged, and it’s eliciting some major emotions.

“She lives inside of me” is a trend where users post a clip of their younger selves with Ben Scott’s cover of “The Bug Collector” by Haley Heynderickx playing in the background. The innocence, confidence and unbridled happiness captured in many of these videos have left commenters in a puddle of tears.

TikTok user Sienna Carlsen (@sisicarlsen) posted a childhood video. In the clip, she does gymnastics as her parents cheer her on.

“‘I can do itt!!’ so genuinely proud of yourself,” commented @.destiny..x.x.

“I would do literally anything for all social media trends to be as wholesome as this one,” wrote @leightonmurray007.

“I would have killed for parents who got this excited when I got new skills. I love that for you,” said @victoriab001.

TikTok user @gabsspamacctt posted a video of her younger self playing with a hose while singing in her front lawn.

‘everything always looks brighter in these videos’

“I’m scared to grow older and start to forget the memories that i can remember right now perfectly,” said @bari.alokabi.

“i think my favorite part of these videos is the voice from whoever is behind the camera, they’re always filled with so much love,” said @amelia.baudelair.

“everything always looks brighter in these videos,” wrote @yourteeth_

TikTok influencer Chaela (@chaelanl) also got in on the trend. The video shows her excitement over cherry blossoms as a little girl.

‘i wish i could love myself as much as i loved little me’

“this is the type of blossom flower i was talking about just now,” quoted @de1via.

“These videos are making me cry and remember all of the little things that I thought I had forgotten about myself- I love it so much,” said @user9606184011061.

“i wish i could love myself as much as i loved little me,” wrote @leilais0k.

TikTok user @_harsehaj shared a sweet video of her playing hide and seek with her dad.

“his voice is so sweet and loving i’m sobbing,” commented @popitlockitpolkadot.

“This is like the only one that’s actually made me tear up,” said @safaaa.18.

“bruh i’m gonna cry,” wrote @slightlyjealous.

The heartwarming, nostalgic nature of this trend has left an emotional impact on many users. While some lament the loss of childhood, others wish they had more childhood videos of their own. One thing is certain: The “she lives inside of me” trend has TikTokers longing for a simpler time.

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