Shawn Mendes Just Got a Brand New Tattoo Thanks to a Fan Edit

Photo credit: liviatsang - Instagram
Photo credit: liviatsang - Instagram

From Seventeen

Just days after Shawn Mendes slid into a fan's DMs over a special tattoo idea, he just got himself another set of ink that left fans screaming over the whole ordeal.

Late last week, a fan posted a fan edit featuring Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. Shawn somehow ended up seeing the photo on Twitter and asked the fan for the original photo after expressing how much he loved the idea.

After talking a bit and contacting the original artist, Shawn got exactly what he needed to make the photo come to life. That's right, Shawn ended up ACTUALLY getting that tattoo in the exact same spot that the fan put it in the photo.

Tattoo artist Livia Tsang posted the official reveal on her Twitter, shouting out the original creator and the fan who created the edit for their idea.

Shawn even posted a video of him getting that tattoo done on Sunday afternoon and seemed to be excited about the new ink.

Photo credit: shawnmendes - Instagram
Photo credit: shawnmendes - Instagram

Ajla, the girl who originally created the picture edit, posted a photo of her being told the good news from a friend. Of course, the Shawn Mendes super fan freaked out when she saw the photo.

The original artist, Christopher Leiva, who is based in Santiago, Chile, posted the original photo on his Instagram with a special note for Shawn and fans who are discovering his art.

"This is the original design!🦋. @shawnmendes .🌹I thank you very much for all the messages of love that you have sent me and for appreciating and sharing my art. For those who have asked me, I am located in Santiago de Chile. I invite you to continue reviewing and sharing my art."

Livia Tsang also commented on his post about the big news. "Hi! Thank you for sharing your art💖 I hope that people come seek out your work! You’re an amazing artist. I wish you all the success!"

While Shawn still hasn't said anything new about his tattoo, we're sure he loves it just as much as when he first saw it. And now fans know that if they ever want Shawn to get a new tattoo, they just need to make a special photo edit of it to convince him.

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