Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's Birth Charts Reveal All We Need To Know About Their Romance

Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty
Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty

Ever since Camila Cabello broke up with Matthew Hussey in 2018, fans were dying for her to get together with her Señorita collaborator, Shawn Mendes. It's no mystery that the two make beautiful music together, and they've already been BFFs for years, so the matchup seems made in heaven. The pair eventually went on to date for a little over two years with tons of PDA and quarantine walks. They even adopted their puppy, Tarzan, together, which seemed promising for their future together. However, Shawn and Camila mutually called it quits in November 2021, and Shamila shippers are devastated by the news. So, I talked to a celebrity astrologer in order to get to the bottom of Shawn and Camila's romantic journey. David Palmer a.k.a The Leo King looked at the two musicians' birth charts to see if there is a chance for Shamila to rekindle their relationship, or if they're better off as besties.

What does Shawn's chart say about him?

According to the Leo King, Shawn, who is a Leo himself, has a good head on his shoulders. "He is very humble, loving and very positive and very connected with people and his soul," David says. And, according to the stars, he's as genuine as he seems. David believes that Shawn is in the music industry for the right reasons. "He really cares about his work. He cares about his fans. He cares about people. He really is not an egomaniac or anything like that."

Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty
Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty

In fact, Shawn's chart, which features a full moon in Aquarius and Mars and Venus in Cancer, represents someone with a really big heart. This manifests itself in the singer's relationships, where he often takes on the role of a caretaker. "He wants to have a family," David says. "He wants to really feel like he has a home with his partner."

This strong desire to take care of people can have some drawbacks though. David suspects that Shawn probably doesn't receive back the energy he puts into relationships very often, and that people end up taking advantage of him. "He needs to learn boundaries," David surmises. "When he's not getting back as much as he's putting in, that's when he needs to learn to reevaluate."

These types of draining relationships can impact Shawn’s work. David warns that Shawn's creativity may be "tainted by others taking so much from him emotionally."

David also believes that people often take advantage of these traits in Shawn and use him as a stepping stone. The Leo King senses that a past relationship ended badly due to this, and since Leos have a tendency to get caught up in old patterns, he has to be extra careful.

Why was he single for so long before connecting with Camila?

This explains, then, why the singer remained single for so long before dating Camila, despite the fact that anyone who has ever taken one look at him would die to be the subject of one of his songs.

According to David, it's the position of Shawn's chart that's holding him back. Due to his placement of Venus and Mars, relationships are not the best idea for Shawn.

That doesn't mean he isn't interested, though. Like I said, Shawn seems to be an extremely caring person, which means he probably really wants a connection. "He really wants care and passion and it can definitely happen," David says, but first, Shawn needs to learn that he shouldn't always be the one to pick up after other people's messes.

"When I look at Shawn's chart I see he's had to learn some really hard lessons when it comes to relationships," The Leo King says. "It's almost like he's taking on all of these other roles. People who need help have used him or taken advantage of him in many ways and right now especially, he has to be very careful of that in his life."

Shawn seems to go all-in when it comes to relationships, but David believes that right now, the singer needs to focus on himself, though his chart is making it difficult for him to do that. It's that full moon in Aquarius, which gives him the desire to help people, though that often seems to end up with him putting too much energy into things that aren't worth it for him.

Of course, this will not be the case for the rest of Shawn's life. "These are the early stages of his life," and he should be focusing on himself right now, according to David. But come the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, this intense, uncertain time he is in will be over, and he will be ready to date again.

Was Shawn compatible with Camila?

Before he dated Camila, the Leo King admitted that Shawn was likely to dive head-first into a relationship at some point.

"I definitely see him entering into relationship territory very fast," David says. The astrologer points out that a lot of eclipses occurred during Shawn's birthday period in 2019, as well as a Mercury retrograde in Leo, which are the same circumstances in which Shawn was born. So, this led him down a path of romance, though it might not have been the best choice for him.

To David, Shawn and Camila's PDA wasn't too surprising and can be explained by an eclipse that occurred the day before they started hanging out. Still, David believes if anything, Shamila wasn't meant to be long-term.

Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty
Photo credit: keya udeshi/getty

In fact, David doesn't see much potential at all when it comes to Shamila. He describes Camila as a "big dreamer with a lot of big possibilities," but David surmises that she might not know exactly what she wants yet. Because of this, he feels that the relationship could end like many of Shawn's seem to, with him putting in more energy than Camila and Shawn ultimately getting hurt.

"Shawn needs someone who knows what they want," David said before Shamila became reality. "Camila doesn't know what she wants yet, and she won't for another year and a half. Right now, the universe is telling her to focus on herself."

Camila was born on March 3, 1997, making her a Pisces sun. According to her birth time on Astro Charts, Camila's Mercury (which rules her mind) and Venus (which rules her affection) are also in Pisces. According to Kyle Thomas from The New York Post, her Mars is in Libra, which means she's a romantic who "gets swept up in what she feels and soars off into her fantasies in the clouds." However, fantasies (unfortunately) don't always line up with the reality of the situation.

Either way, David struggles to see any compatibility when it comes to Shawn and Camila. "It's definitely not a crazy passionate relationship — they do not have a lot of contacts," he says. "It's almost like two ships passing in the night."

And while, romantically they might not be a fit, The Leo King sees why they work so well creatively. "She is a Pisces and she's very pure Piscean and he's a Leo and that combination by itself is good for making dreams happen and creating things."

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