Sharron’s Height Explains Why He Made So Many Short Jokes on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Jason Pham

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 1. Those who have watched Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle probs have a lot of questions, such as how tall is Sharron? Too Hot to Handle on Netflix premiered on April 17, and since then, the show has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people who just want to know more about the contestants who can’t have sex with each other.

We’ve answered how much Francesca makes on Instagram before, but how tall is Sharron? And is he really that much shorter than his cast members based on the constant short jokes he makes? Too Hot to Handle follows a dozen or so singles as they find love on a tropical resort in Mexico. At the end, someone will win a $100,000. The twist is that they cannot...

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