Sharon Stone Was Taking Guests' Temperatures at Her Birthday Party

Christopher Luu
·2 min read

"I had a doctor and a nurse come early and check all of the catering people, and the wait staff as they arrived to make sure none of the food and the people working there were fevering or ill," Stone said.

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Stone went on to say that her guests thought she was being a little "crazy" and over-the-top, but they went along with it.

"And then I had a nurse at the door taking temperature, and this was March 8th," she explained. "I just thought we had to be super careful. People thought I was a little extreme. That I was a little bit crazy."

Stone added that she heard about the pandemic long before her birthday celebration. Back in February, at Elton John's Oscar party, she heard about what was happening in China and how everything was shutting down, even the entertainment industry.

"When this started coming, I had a pretty good understanding of what was happening,” Stone said. “When I saw [playwright] John Dempsey at Elton’s Oscar party, I just looked at his face and he said, '40% of our business is crashing and I'm losing friends in China.' And I looked at him and realized, 'Oh my God. This is about to become a global epidemic.'"

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It was then that she started self-quarantining, even putting the dress she wore in lockdown. Against the advice of her lawyers, she canceled everything on her schedule, knowing that the entire would come to a halt.

"I came home and I unzipped my dress, I took it off inside out, put it in a plastic bag, tied it in a knot, got in the shower, took everything off," she told Campbell. "I called my lawyer, canceled my global events. The people said they were going to sue me. People would not listen to me. I took my kids out of school early. I started self-quarantining early."