Sharon Stone, 64, Reveals ‘Another Misdiagnosis’ Prior to Discovering Fibroid Tumor

Sharon Stone, 64, Reveals ‘Another Misdiagnosis’ Prior to Discovering Fibroid Tumor
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  • Actress Sharon Stone reveals she was misdiagnosed before finally finding a “large fibroid tumor.”

  • The 64-year-old opened up about her frustration in an Instagram Story.

  • Stone encouraged followers to get a second opinion if they don’t feel heard by their medical professional.

After experiencing extreme pain, actress Sharon Stone took to her Instagram Stories to encourage fans to take their health seriously. In Tuesday’s post, the 64-year-old revealed she was misdiagnosed and received the wrong procedure (two epidurals) to lessen pain. While she did not note what her initial (wrong) diagnosis was, she did say that she eventually sought a second opinion that revealed she had a “large fibroid tumor that must come out.”

Stone explained in her Stories: “Just had another misdiagnosis and incorrect procedure. This time double epidural. W worsening pain went for a SECOND OPINION: I have a large fibroid tumor that must come out.”

Fibroids are growths made from smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissues, according to Hopkins Medicine. The growths typically pop up in the uterus and can range in size. It’s estimated that 20 to 50% of women of reproductive age currently have fibroids, and up to 77% of women will develop fibroids sometime during these years. Of these, one-third are large enough to be detected by a healthcare provider. There is a 99% chance that fibroid tumors are not cancerous and do not increase the risk for uterine cancer.

The Basic Instinct actress warned fans to always listen to their body and to get a second opinion if they’re still experiencing symptoms and current treatments aren’t working. “Ladies in particular: Don’t get blown off. GET A SECOND OPINION. It can save your life.”

The Instagram story seems to indicate Stone has since received proper care, and she shared she will be recovering for four to six weeks, but “it’s all good.”

sharon stone ig post
Sharon Stone

Stone hasn’t had an easy go when it comes to her health. The actress recently revealed she went under the knife to get tumors removed in her breasts, but she woke up to larger breast implants than she consented to. In the same year, Stone experienced a brain hemorrhage and stroke after a bad headache, according to Variety.

She also revealed in her March 2021 memoir The Beauty of Living Twice that she suffers from an autoimmune disease and endometriosis which made pregnancy very difficult for her. This has led her to suffer nine miscarriages over her lifetime.

Fibroids are typically diagnosed during routine pelvic exams if an irregular, firm mass is felt. Your doctor may also suggest a pelvic ultrasound, MRI, hysteroscopy, or hysterosalpingography to confirm. If there are no symptoms, your doctor may suggest monitoring the tumor without any procedures. If the tumor is creating symptoms, doctors may recommend a variety of treatments like anti-inflammatory painkillers, hormonal treatments, or surgery. The most effective treatment for fibroids is a hysterectomy.

What are the symptoms of a fibroid tumor?

Signs and symptoms of fibroids include:

  • Heavy or prolonged periods

  • Irregular periods or bleeding between periods

  • Abdominal discomfort or fullness

  • Pelvic pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Frequent urination or difficulty emptying the bladder

  • Constipation or excessive straining with bowel movements

  • Infertility or pregnancy complications

  • Pain during intercourse

If you experience sharp sudden pain in the abdomen or severe vaginal bleeding with lightheadedness, fatigue, and weakness, you should seek emergency care.

We are wishing Stone a healthy and quick recovery, and thank her for sharing her story with fans.

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