Sharon Stone, 63, Just Rocked a Yellow Bikini on Instagram and Fans Can’t Get Enough

Photo credit: sharon stone
Photo credit: sharon stone

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  • Sharon Stone, 63, posed in a yellow bikini for Instagram.

  • Fans adored her confidence and poise.

  • Stone has previously opened up about finding confidence in older age.

Instagram was not ready for the jaw-dropping post Sharon Stone shared over the weekend. Not! Ready!

In the photo, the actress, 63, casually posed in a high-waisted yellow bikini, humbly captioning it, “Happy Summer!” And let's just say the response had nothing to do with the ongoing sweaty season and everything to do with how incredible Stone looked.

“OK.... JUST.... W🌞W,” Jamie Lee Curtis commented. “You deserve all the Oscars that ever existed,” Rose McGowan wrote. Leslie Jordan pointed out Stone’s dog, pictured looking up at her. “Even the dog knows you got IT,” he joked.

In another recent photo, Stone wore no pants and a graphic t-shirt that bore an illustration of her iconic Basic Instinct scene in which her crossed legs revealed, uh, more than she would’ve liked. The shot was controversial when the film released in 1992, and in her new book, Stone wrote that she was tricked into taking her panties off for it.

But she’s clearly since embraced the career-defining moment, made evident by her photo’s caption of, “Been there, done that; got the T-shirt.” And her fans love it, too.

“You’re so iconic,” Demi Lovato commented. “I want this tee! 😍😍😍” someone else added.

It may be hard to believe, but Stone hasn’t always had such glowing confidence in her older age. As detailed in her book The Beauty of Living Twice, a brain hemorrhage and stroke nearly killed her in 2001, and the aftermath—losing jobs, her house, and her adopted son—left her in a deep depression.

“My radiance went away,” the Casino star told Oprah Winfrey in a recent Super Soul conversation. “It’s a radiance and a magnetism, a presence ... it comes from health and well-being and youth. I think it comes from confidence, too,” she added. “I think that when you’re in this kind of business that you’re in, they start telling you that you don’t have it anymore and you start believing it.”

Thankfully, through recovery, finding a love of painting, and slowly rebuilding her life, Stone was able to find her radiance again and she’s not afraid to show it—in person or on Instagram.

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