Shar Pei's Irresistible Snores Are Enough to Make Anyone Smile

When pups are in a really deep sleep, sometimes, they just can't help letting out a snore or two. But one Shar Pei who was clearly in a very deep cycle of REM sleep kicked things up a notch with a round of continuous snores that are impossible to resist.

An adorable clip of the snoring pup was submitted to @pethelpful by James McCormick, and it's so precious, you might want to consider putting it on repeat all day long. If you're looking for the ultimate timeline cleanse today, may we present what just might be one of the cutest TikTok videos we've seen all week.


The most soothing sound in the world. 📽️: James McCormick #pethelpful #dogsoftiktok #animalsoftiktok #dogtok

♬ original sound - PetHelpful

Oh my goodness! Can you even take how ridiculously cute this is? One thing's for sure, if that pup lived in our household, we'd probably drift off to sleep just listening to those sweet little noises!

This video clearly hit home for one viewer, @CadenLockhart366, who said, "I’m crying. I lost my Shar Pei a couple months ago, and I never thought I would miss this sound so much." Aww. This is such an important reminder that we should never take any moments with our pets for granted. They bring us so much joy, love, and, of course, daily moments that turn into memories to last a lifetime.

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