Plz, Why Does Every Dad Do These 32 Things — It's Freaking Me Out

·4 min read

Two months into the pandemic, I saw a video that made me laugh uncontrollably, and think to myself...Do we all have the same dad? It was this TikTok of a dad shaking some cashews in his hand before popping them into his mouth — a classic move by my own father:

After revisiting this video, I went down a rabbit hole to see what other common denominators our dads share. Here are 31 other things that every father is definitely guilty of:

1.The stare:

2.The "go help your mom":

3.The "OK":

4.Point in case:

5.The kitchen stance:

6.The TV stance:

7.The incomplete sentences:

8.The ellipsis:

9.The gear shift:

10.The early bird:

11.The money throwers:

12.The birthday amnesia:

13.The wanderers:

14.The convenient case:

15.The nosiness:

16.The travel curiosity:

17.The sneeze:

18.The U2 stans:

19.The handwriting:

20.The toenail:

21.The socialites:

22.The food burner:

23.The ringtone:

24.The conversationalists:

25.The mispronunciation:

26.The butter pecan:


28.The frown:

29.The revisionist history:

30.The lack of headphones:

31.And finally, the love: