Shailene Woodley on self care: 'I have over 200 unread text messages'

Shailene Woodley joined her mother, Lori, for Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset event where they both discussed how they’re staying mentally healthy. Lori Woodley, a counselor, co-founded the non-profit All It Takes with Shailene in 2010.

One way that Shailene is avoiding unneeded stress is staying away from social media and her phone, when possible. “My advice always is just don’t read comments,” she says.

She added: “I have over 200 unread text messages on the phone right now,” she said. “I have not listened to a voicemail in maybe four-and-a-half years.”

She admits it might be annoying to her mother and friends when they’re trying to get in touch, but that “if they truly care about me and love me, they're just going to accept that that is part of me and that is how I self preserve.”