Brace yourself: The 'sexy vaccine' costume has arrived

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3Wishes releases a
3Wishes releases a "sexy vaccine costume." (Photo: 3Wishes)

The timeliest Halloween costume of the season will have you asking: Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson?

Lingerie and costumes retailer 3Wishes released its latest Halloween costumes, one of which plays homage to vaccines. The simple costume — titled "Sexy Vaccine Costume" — features a nude mini dress alongside a syringe-style headband.

3Wishes CMO and co-founder Sarah Chamberlain tells Yahoo Life that the costume was developed in August during a brainstorming session of unusual Halloween costumes.

"We wanted to make the costume as simple and wearable as possible," she says. "We ended up with the nude dress because it could be interpreted as an arm with the vaccine going into it. It's a little obscure but instantly recognizable."

While it's not exactly specified in the item description that this costume is COVID-19 related, Chamberlain says that it was inspired by the life-saving vaccines that were created to fight the pandemic. It was the conversation around the vaccines that made the company want to take this approach to the costume.

"We obviously take the pandemic very seriously but with everything being so divisive, we feel adding in a little humor can lighten the mood," she explains. "The pandemic itself is a very serious and heartbreaking situation and we don't want to insinuate that it isn't. People feel very strongly about the vaccine and we thought that this may be a more lighthearted way for party-goers to pay homage to what we've all been dealing with for the last year and a half."

Unlike the COVID-19 vaccines, which are free, this costume will run you $55.95.

3Wishes releases a
3Wishes releases a "Sexy Vaccine Costume" just in time for Halloween. (Photo: 3Wishes)

For those who are afraid of needles but want something timely, there's also the option to try 3Wishes's "Sexy Billionaire Spaceman Costume" at your next Halloween party. The costume, which features a blue space suit and a cowboy hat, is a reference to Jeff Bezos and his extraordinarily wealthy peers' recent treks to space.

While cheaper than a ticket to space, this costume costs $74.95.

3Wishes space cowboy costume. (Photo: 3Wishes)
3Wishes space cowboy costume. (Photo: 3Wishes)

If you're weighing whether or not the Sexy Vaccine Costume is in good taste, you may want to rank it ahead of a naughty nurse costume. Many nurses have pushed back against the popular Halloween costume due to it perpetuating harmful stereotypes of the profession — something that feels important to avoid as nurses continue to fight on the frontlines amid the pandemic.

"Nurses are propositioned, grabbed and sexually assaulted, in large part because the 'naughty nurse' image presents nurses as sex candy that hospitals have on offer, as if sexual services is something we provide," Sandy Summers, a registered nurse who is the executive director of the nurse advocacy organization the Truth About Nursing, recently told Yahoo Life.

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