Set Your Fantasy Surfer Teams Now for the 2023 Surf Ranch Pro

This weekend, stop number 6 on the 2023 Championship Tour will officially commence in Lemoore, California. The Surf Ranch Pro will take place at Slater's land-locked creation, where the men's top 22 and the women's top 10 (plus a few wildcards) will duke it out for the win.

With just a few days until the wave machine whirls to life, be sure to set your FantasySurfer teams now (click here) and continue reading for an official event preview:

WHO: The Men's WSL Championship Tour Top 22 + 2 wildcards, and the Women's WSL Championship Tour Top 10 + 1 wildcard.

WHAT: Event no. 6 of 11 on the 2023 World Championship Tour. This is the first event after the mid-year cutoff, with the Men's top 22 and the Women's top 10.

WHEN: Event will run according to a tight schedule on May 27th and 28th.

WHERE: Lemoore, California, USA

HOW TO WATCH: Tune in to for live event coverage and come back here to for daily event wrap-ups.


Men's (2) - Filipe Toledo (2021), Gabriel Medina (2018, 2019)

Women's (3) - Johanne Defay (2021), Lakey Peterson (2019), Carissa Moore (2018)

INJURY UPDATE: As of today (May 23rd) on the Men's side, Seth Moniz is out with an undisclosed injury.

WILDCARDS: Kelly Slater and Johanne Defay are wildcards for the remainder of 2023. Jett Schilling and Cole Houshmand have been named as the wildcard + injury replacement for Seth Moniz on the Men's side. Alyssa Spencer is the wildcard for the Women's event.


MEN'S 2023 Surf Ranch Pro

Heat 1: Jack Robinson, Leo Fioravanti, Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater*
Heat 2: Filipe Toledo, Connor O'Leary, Callum Robson, Cole Houshmand*
Heat 3: Joao Chianca, Caio Ibelli, Matthew McGillivray, Jett Schilling*
Heat 4: Griffin Colapinto, Yago Dora, Italo Ferreira, Ian Gentil
Heat 5: Ethan Ewing, Ryan Callinan, Barron Mamiya, Kanoa Igarashi
Heat 6: John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Liam O'Brien, Rio Waida

WOMEN'S 2023 Surf Ranch Pro
Heat 1: Carissa Moore, Caitlin Simmers, Johanne Defay, BettyLou Sakura Johnson
Heat 2: Tyler Wright, Stephanie Gilmore, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Alyssa Spencer
Heat 3: Molly Picklum, Caroline Marks, Lakey Peterson, Gabriela Bryan

* - Wildcard / Injury replacement