The 26 Best Outdoor Rugs Are Weather-Resistant and Easy To Clean — Starting at $21

Outdoor rugs are just as necessary for home furnishing as indoor ones. Does your patio get hot with all that extra sunshine in the summer? Does your outdoor furniture slip and slide around? Or does your backyard need a splash of color and a bold pattern to anchor its decor? If so, your outdoor space will greatly benefit from one of the best outdoor rugs.

Like indoor rugs, there are many benefits to using outdoor rugs including:

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  • Temperature: While many outdoor surfaces absorb heat, an outdoor rug provides a temperature-controlled zone that even your bare feet can enjoy. 

  • Grip: Floors can become slippery, especially near pools, so having an outdoor rug in place to provide an extra level of grip is a wise idea. 

  • Protection: Even the most costly outdoor rugs are a fraction of the investment required for a patio or decking area. Placing a rug over these areas can provide protection and ensure they stay in their best condition for longer. 

  • Aesthetics: As a quick fix for covering areas of damage or dirt, outdoor rugs are a homey addition to often-overlooked areas. Having one in place near your outdoor patio furniture or outdoor dining table makes sense for all the same reasons as having a rug indoors. 

What is the best size for outdoor rugs? Outdoor rugs come in many shapes, sizes and designs. The exact dimensions you require will depend entirely on your space, so break out the tape measure before you place an order. In general, we recommend choosing an 8′ x 10′ outdoor rug (or bigger) to cover larger areas. For walkways or paths, use an outdoor runner to define the area. Alternatively, small outdoor rugs can be used as an accent or a place to wipe feet before entering your home. You can purchase additional square, oblong or circular outdoor rugs based on preference and in colors that complement your outdoor living space.

What should I look for in outdoor rugs? When shopping for the best outdoor rugs, you want to find options that are easy to clean, lightweight and weather-resistant. Those features are critical when looking for a great outdoor rug to pair with your outdoor furniture. Without these elements, your new rug will grow faded and moldy within a season.

Where are the best places to buy outdoor rugs? When SPY editors are looking for the best outdoor rug for our own homes, there are a handful of retailers we trust above all others. In our professional and personal experience, the best places to buy outdoor rugs include Amazon, The Home Depot, Ruggable, Boutique Rugs and Target.

Below, you’ll find a selection of our favorite outdoor rugs to make your exterior space feel as cozy as your interior spaces. Each option was designed with outdoor use in mind, so you won’t have to worry about damage to your new carpet when a heavy rain comes your way.

If you’re already wondering how to clean an outdoor rug, there’s no need to fret because all of our picks are made of synthetic fibers that are simple to clean with a broom or a quick rinse with a hose or bucket of water. Many of the rugs below are also machine washable for added convenience. And best of all, these rugs are all affordably priced when you factor in their durability and size.


1. Maren Outdoor Rug


When considering outdoor rugs, it’s good to think about something that can define a space. This striking, striped outdoor rug from Maren adds some color to enhance or complement your existing setup. Additionally, its 100% polypropylene construction makes it durable enough to handle the worst elements thrown your way. Furthermore, the rug is UV-treated (against the sun’s brutal rays), moth-resistant and mildew-resistant.

Maren Outdoor Rug
Maren Outdoor Rug

Buy: Maren Outdoor Rug $339.15


2. Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug


This versatile outdoor rug is made of premium recycled plastic tubes, making it both durable and sustainable. It is both water- and stain-resistant and can be reversed to change patterns for major flexibility in terms of design. The two-in-one rug is additionally UV resistant to protect it from fading and it can be easily cleaned by rinsing with a hose.

Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug
Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug

Buy: Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug $56.99


3. Sea Pier Outdoor Rug


While this Sea Pier Indoor/Outdoor Rug isn’t as visually striking as other options on the list, its subtle texture nicely matches nearly any outdoor furniture setup. Easy to care for, this is a great solution for families with kids or pets, as the enhanced polypropylene fibers don’t shed while also remaining immensely durable. That combination ensures this is a long-lasting, tough rug that can tackle rain, sleet, snow, hail or even extended sunlight. It also covers a wide area, making it great to slide underneath existing patio furniture.

Sea Pier Outdoor Rug
Sea Pier Outdoor Rug

Buy: Sea Pier Outdoor Rug $84.15


4. nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor-Outdoor Accent Rug


Made of 100% polypropylene, this indoor-outdoor rug is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The braided weave offers a unique design and texture for your outdoor patio space while the water-resistant material is easy to clean. nuLOOM is our favorite rug brand available on Amazon in 2022, and the brand’s products are often available on sale.

nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Accent Rug
nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Accent Rug

Buy: nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Accent Rug $70.60


5. Burlap Solid Sand Re-Jute Rug


If you’re searching for the best machine washable outdoor rugs, then Ruggable should be your first stop. This jute rug is made from recycled materials, and it’s a low-maintenance outdoor rug perfect for outdoor spaces. Most importantly, it’s a durable and long-lasting rug backed by Ruggable’s customer service and quality.

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Burlap Solid Sand Re-Jute Rug, best outdoor rugs
Burlap Solid Sand Re-Jute Rug, best outdoor rugs

Buy: Ruggable Solid Sand Re-Jute Rug Check Prices


6. Foss Ribbed Outdoor Area Rug


Add texture to your outside patio or decking for under $20 with the Foss Ribbed Outdoor Area Rug. Despite its low price tag, this piece is large enough to have a considerable impact on your garden at 6 by 8 feet in size. The textured, ribbed design is available in gray, taupe and chocolate. Plus, it’s made from 100% PET fiber, which utilizes purified recycled bottles to create the natural-to-touch material.

foss unbound smoke gray ribbed rug, best outdoor rugs
foss unbound smoke gray ribbed rug, best outdoor rugs

Buy: Foss Ribbed Outdoor Area Rug $20.97


7. Resort Stripe Outdoor Rug


Striped and stylish, the Resort Stripe Outdoor Rug is a splash of color ideal for outside pool areas. You can choose from five different colors to stand out against the champagne-colored background tone. This rug is available in three rectangular sizes, all made from finely spun polypropylene for a flat finish and an easy clean. Grab one of these beauties before your next pool party.

resort stripe rug from frontgate
resort stripe rug from frontgate

Buy: Resort Stripe Outdoor Rug $319.00


8. Waseca Indoor & Outdoor Rug


Just because your rug is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the trim. The Waseca Indoor & Outdoor Rug from Boutique Rugs is hand woven and made from recycled PET yarn. The rug, which is available in several sizes, has a loose finish on two sides that creates a warm and inviting trim. The rug has a zero-pile rating, which is good for removing trip hazards, and it’s a great option for indoor and outdoor use.

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Waseca Indoor & Outdoor Rug
Waseca Indoor & Outdoor Rug

Buy: Waseca Indoor & Outdoor Rug $77.00


9. Reversible Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug


For a rug that won’t break the bank and gives customers options, we like the Room Essentials Reversible Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug. Available in black and grey (shown here), the rug can be displayed on either side, which is good news for accidental spills mid-party (the rug is stain resistant). Made from recycled plastic, the mildew-resistant rug has a flat pile and can be spot cleaned when necessary using a broom, soft cloth, or hose.

Reversible Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Reversible Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Buy: Reversible Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug $20.00


10. Green Artificial Grass Rug


Extend your lawn onto alternative outdoor surfaces by rolling out the Green Artificial Grass Rug. With a 4.5-star rating and nearly 1,000 customer reviews, customers seem to dig this artificial grass rug. What’s more, this rug is a modestly priced and quality way to jazz up the less-loved parts of your yard. At the point of order, the website will calculate the cut you need to suit your chosen area, with the minimum suitable for up to 48 square feet.

best outdoor rugs trafficmaster green artificial grass rug
best outdoor rugs trafficmaster green artificial grass rug

Buy: Green Artificial Grass Rug $21.97


11. DII Contemporary Outdoor Rug


The bold pattern on this outdoor rug from DII is akin to that of a magic eye poster, making for a real statement piece. While it may look like it’s woven together with a series of intense knits, it’s 100% polypropylene-based which makes it, you guessed it, weatherproof. However, that construction also makes it nice and light, so feel free to rearrange it as you see fit.

DII Contemporary Outdoor Rug
DII Contemporary Outdoor Rug

Buy: DII Contemporary Outdoor Rug $30.29 (orig. $47.99) 37% OFF


12. Ruggable Outdoor Offset Stripe Navy Rug


Ruggable has hundreds of great rugs, and we’ve included one of the brand’s many artist-designed rugs further down in this shopping guide. However, there’s one design we’re particularly obsessed with right now, and it’s this chic and contemporary striped outdoor rug. We love the offset stripe pattern, and we think you’ll love the fact that it’s fade, weather and spill-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

ruggable offset striped outdoor rug
ruggable offset striped outdoor rug

Buy: Ruggable Offset Stripe Outdoor Rug $229.00


13. Aden Outdoor Rug


Made from durable polypropylene, the Aden Outdoor Rug is designed to resist stains and fading. It’s a great floor furnishing for homes with pets, as the textured gray tones disguise most furs. Available in multiple sizes (up to 9-by-12 feet), you can change the feel of your outdoor space with this rug while the thin, flat-weave finish also makes it suitable for sliding under doors and furniture.

Aden Outdoor Rug
Aden Outdoor Rug

Buy: Aden Outdoor Rug $199.00


14. Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug


Another eco-friendly rug option (made from 100% recycled plastic), this specific rug from Fab Habitat pops with a fantastic striped, blue pattern. The snugly woven threads not only help with durability but also provide a soft and cushioned texture that’s helpful for when you’re walking on top of it. Additionally, it’s mold, mildew and UV-resistant to make sure it’s weatherproof all year long.

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Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug
Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug

Buy: Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug $56.99 (orig. $59.99) 5% OFF


15. Sand Mine Outdoor Rug


Don’t forget to pack your Sand Mine Outdoor Rug into the RV when setting off on your next adventure. Available in three sizes, this rug is ideal for placing right outside your vehicle to create a home-away-from-home dining area. The polypropylene material is easy to fold down into the handy storage bag, which is included. Furthermore, the blue pattern weaved into the rug is reversible to suit your preference of light or dark on either side.

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Sand Mine Outdoor Reversible Rugs
Sand Mine Outdoor Reversible Rugs

Buy: Sand Mine Outdoor Rug $85.99


16. Home Dynamix Outdoor Rug


With five out of five stars and nearly 3,000 customer reviews, the Home Dynamic Outdoor Rug is a very popular product. The gray and blue floral design is well-suited to homes that embrace a vintage style or to those who are looking to add a flair of color to their outdoor area. This rug is ideal as the base of an outdoor dining or seating area to create the feeling you usually aim for inside the house. Made from lightweight polypropylene, this piece is very low maintenance and easy to care for.

home dynamix nicole miller patio rug
home dynamix nicole miller patio rug

Buy: Home Dynamix Outdoor Rug $53.99 (orig. $79.99) 33% OFF


17. Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Rug


Made from recycled plastic straws, this outdoor rug from Green Decore lives up to its namesake. But it’s also purposeful, as the rug’s construction makes it both lightweight (so it’s easy to adjust and move) while also being easy to clean (seriously, just spray it down with a hose and you’re good to go). It doesn’t skimp on durability either, as it’s fade-resistant and doesn’t hold water. Environmentally friendly in every aspect, it comes in several colors and sizes to best fit your needs. For the eco-conscious decorator, this is one of the best outdoor rugs for sale online.

Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Rug
Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Rug

Buy: Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Rug $35.00


18. Nourison Aloha Round Outdoor Rug


If you want to get an outdoor rug that pairs well with the outdoors, this floral option from Nourison channels evokes that feeling nicely. With its mildew-proof and fade-resistant fabrics, it’s an attention-grabbing rug that adds even more of a tropical feeling to any given space. And, as with other outdoor rugs on this list, it’s made from a polypropylene material that’s expertly prepared to handle the outdoors.

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Nourison Aloha Round Outdoor Rug, best outdoor rugs
Nourison Aloha Round Outdoor Rug, best outdoor rugs

Buy: Nourison Aloha Round Outdoor Rug $148.86


19. Vader Vision Doormat


Show off your love for the Force while still keeping your home looking modern and mature with the new line of Star Wars-inspired rugs from Ruggable. The company has several indoor and outdoor options, including the Vader Vision Doormat, which can be used inside and outside a doorway. The machine-washable rug is fade- and mold-resistant aka as durable as a Storm Trooper’s armor.

Vader Vision Doormat
Vader Vision Doormat

Buy: Vader Vision Doormat $179.00


20. Monica Ahanonu Outdoor Mango Multicolor Rug


Make your rug the focal point of your outdoor space with a beautiful and bold option from the Monica Ahanonu collection at Ruggable. Available in four colorways and multiple sizes and shapes, including area rugs, runners and round rugs, this vibrant and modern rug is as durable as it is attractive. The machine-washable rug has a pronounced polyester weave that creates a water-, fade- and mold-resistant barrier that keeps the rug looking great even in high-traffic outdoor spaces.

Monica Ahanonu Outdoor Mango Multicolor Rug
Monica Ahanonu Outdoor Mango Multicolor Rug

Buy: Monica Ahanonu Outdoor Mango Multicolor Rug $269.00


21. Mina Geometric Flatweave Black/Brown Area Rug


Add a modern touch to your outdoor space with a durable and attractive rug from AllModern. The brand’s Mina rug has a geometric pattern and flatweave, as well as a low pile finish that is comfortable to stand on. Stain-resistant and appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, the rug is available in a handful of color schemes and is made from polypropylene.

Mina Geometric Flatweave Black/Brown Area Rug
Mina Geometric Flatweave Black/Brown Area Rug

Buy: Mina Geometric Flatweave Black/Brown Area Rug $131.24


22. Greensborough Outdoor Rug


This low/high pile rug creates dimension and adds an extra element to your outdoor space. The Greensborough Outdoor Rug has a charcoal and light beige motif that works with most decors and features an inviting pattern that resembles rain drops. The polypropylene rug has a contemporary vibe and is designed to withstand the elements.

Greensborough Outdoor Rug
Greensborough Outdoor Rug

Buy: Greensborough Outdoor Rug $47.00


23. Bottalive Buffalo Plaid Check Rug


Add a soft furnishing to your porch with the Bottalive Buffalo Plaid Check Rug. The black-and-white plaid pattern creates a warm welcome for guests as they approach the front door. This piece is made from a cotton, polyester and viscose material mix, making it suitable for all seasons. Additionally, the edges of the rug are hemmed for reinforcement to help avoid wear and tear.

buffalo plaid check outdoor rug
buffalo plaid check outdoor rug

Buy: Bottalive Buffalo Plaid Check Rug $17.90 (orig. $32.99) 46% OFF


24. Artificial Grass Carpet Tiles by Foss


For a semi-permanent alternative to rugs, there are the Artificial Grass Carpet Tiles by Foss. Made with 100% recycled PET fibers, the pieces have a natural feel that is comfortable to walk on with bare feet and can be used on concrete, wood, or bricks. A great option for homes with kids or pets, the waterproof tiles, which are sold in a pack of 15, can be swept, vacuumed, or rinsed with a hose to clean. UV-resistant and free from latex and VOCs, the tiles, which cover 60 square feet, can be cut and trimmed to fit any space.

Artificial Grass Carpet Tiles by Foss
Artificial Grass Carpet Tiles by Foss

Buy: Artificial Grass Carpet Tiles by Foss $97.99


25. Contemporary Floral Lisa Area Rug


Need to cover a large space? Do it with style using the Contemporary Floral Lisa Area Rug. Available in several sizes, including a large 12’ by 15’ option, the polyester outdoor/indoor rug has a high pile finish for maximum comfort. The bright floral pattern is a fun addition to your outdoor décor and the loomed rug can easily be spot cleaned with water and a cloth. Made with 100% sustainable seagrass, the floral rug is fade resistant and a great option for high-traffic areas.

Contemporary Floral Lisa Area Rug
Contemporary Floral Lisa Area Rug

Buy: Contemporary Floral Lisa Area Rug $343.37


26. Jonathan Y Tropics Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug


If you’re looking for an outdoor rug designed to mimic the natural world, this Jonathan Y indoor/outdoor rug is a great choice. It’s made from synthetic fibers that resist UV fading, and the pet-friendly low-pile is easy to clean. It has a whimsical leaf pattern and a neutral tone that’ll blend in with your outdoor decor.  

Jonathan Y Tropics Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
Jonathan Y Tropics Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Buy: Jonathan Y Tropics Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug $210.23 (orig. $229.68) 8% OFF


Updates: This article was last updated on Thursday, July 14, at which time we added additional outdoor rugs from brands such as Ruggable, Boutique Rugs, nuLOOM and The Home Depot. We also added additional information on how our editors selected the best outdoor rugs, including weather resistance and maintenance. Our “Best Overall” option, the  Maren Stripe Outdoor Rug from Frontgate, remained unchanged.


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