Sephora Is Offering Free ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ Classes


Become a pro at putting on minimalist makeup. (Photo: Getty Images)

The minimalist makeup trend — sporting a fresh-faced glow and letting your natural features, such as freckles, peek through — isn’t going away. Although it sounds deceptively simple to do in theory — just swipe on a small amount of makeup and go, right? — it’s not so easy to pull off in practice.

That’s where Sephora steps in. The cosmetics giant, which is like an adult candy store for makeup lovers, is offering free “No-Makeup Makeup” lessons, providing tips and techniques to help you master next-to-nothing makeup. The 90-minute class focuses on applying makeup using soft, neutral hues. The lessons are being taught at several locations throughout the U.S., including New York and California.

Want to nail the no-fuss look? You can sign up for a “No-Makeup Makeup” class near you on Sephora’s website.

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