Senior Pug's Reasons for Being Grumpy This Week Has TikTok Falling for Him

Honestly, we don't blame him one bit.

Not every moment of every day will be all sunshine and roses. In fact, sometimes you're downright grumpy, and Keiko the grumpy ol' pug understands. His owner, @glambyshelby, likes to document the things that make this pup angry every week, and it's more of a hit than anyone would've guessed.

As it turns out, Keiko is a grumpy guy! The list of things that made him mad this week is only making us laugh, and we'll be sure to check back to see what ticked him off next week!

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LOL! We can't stop staring at this elderly pug's gorgeous wrinkles. They make everything he does even cuter than they already are! If we had to guess, we'd think Keiko could get away with just about anything. Just look at that face!

"Elderly pugs really are just so good," commented @jmar016. "And sooo bossy." They really are! Then again, they deserve to be a bit bossy once they've reached their golden years, don't you think?

@Jenniferpedendew's dog would agree. She wrote, "my 17 yo Pug has restored hearing and vision when dinner is ready." That's too funny! We have a feeling that Keiko would be the very same way. There's something about elderly pugs that's oh-so-entertaining, even if we can't quite put our finger on it.

Viewer said that Keiko "reminds me of our beloved Noodle." Aww--we can see the resemblance! Noodle was (and continues to be) an icon to all who knew of him. Keiko is too--but with him every day is a no bones day!

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