Senior Dog Who Was at Shelter for Years Gets a Loving Foster Home Thanks to TikTok

Rockland spent the holidays in a home full of love!

More and more animal shelters are taking to social media to find adopters for their furry residents, and it's easy to see why. All it takes is one popular TikTok video to get an animal their fur-ever home--and to inspire so many people to browse adoptable pets! In case you need any more proof of this social media magic, just take a look at what TikToker @tedisarah did for one precious senior dog named Rockland.

The dog was about to spend Christmas in the shelter before Tedi made a quick video showing off the old guy. Despite a cancer diagnosis and an older age than most, it's clear just how fun and happy Rockland can be.

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We just can't stand seeing him so sad! Rockland deserves the entire world, especially in his golden years, so we were happy to see how much love he got in the comments.

"Sweet baby deserves a loving home," wrote @ot7oceanoanhmai. You can say that again! As great as this shelter seems (just look at his toys and his stocking!), nothing can beat the comfort and warmth of a home.

"I volunteered at this shelter, the staff goes above and beyond for these innocent angels," @misiloveslife shared. "Praying for Rockland and all other dogs placed there." We love hearing such positive things about these heroes! At least those animals will spend their shelter days being showered with love and care. As for Rockland, though...

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He's in a foster home now--all thanks to Tedi's video! In fact, it was one of her best friends who offered to give the old pup a home. Isn't that heartwarming? This just goes to show how powerful social media can be, no matter what you're trying to accomplish!

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