Senior Dog Who Refuses to Eat Without His Parents Watching Him Has Us Totally in Love

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What an absolute sweetheart he is.

Oh, the things our dogs do! Some make total sense while others are completely unexplained, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Every pup's unique personality is what makes them who they are, after all! 

For Mav, a rescued senior pup who goes by @mavvy_boy on TikTok, meal time is also prime bonding time. His humans just had to film one of these precious moments when he refused to eat alone, and they've been shocked by other dog owners' responses. As it turns out, his particular habit isn't all that particular! 

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LOL! There's just so much about this clip that we love, from his relaxed stance (eating while lying down is such a flex) to the way he looks back at his dad. We'd be smiling if we were in his shoes, too! 

"OMG OUR SENIOR DOG DOES THIS TOO," commented @spookycaticorn. "We always joke that she needs company." Ha! Perhaps she does, or perhaps she just thrives with an audience. At least she's not as dramatic as @amandabecker520's pup, though!

"Mine wont eat unless you give him applause," Amanda explained. Okay, now that's hilarious! We'd be lying if we said we didn't want some encouragement every now and again, but applauding your pup for eating sounds amazing.

Commenter @safesweet2 drew a fantastic conclusion: "Okay this HAS to be a senior dog thing!!!" It does! We have a feeling even more pet parents can relate to this than we already know of. What can we say? Dogs just love the encouragement! And if we're being honest, we don't mind giving them some.