Senior Dog Hospice's Reason for Building a Special 'Lift' for Elderly Pups Is So Touching

TikTok user @Seniordoghaven rescues and re-homes senior dogs and they recently created something wonderful for their elderly residents who aren't able to bound up and down the stairs like younger dogs. We all know how much dogs love to go outside and feel the warm sun on their fur, but when walking has become difficult due to age or injury it's not always so easy for these pups to make it to the garden door.

Watch the following to see what this wonderful rescue and senior dog hospice did for their pups who have arthritis or mobility issues. It's just incredibly sweet.

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Our hearts could just burst! TikTok users are so touched by this and @LadyinBlue comments, "Bless you mom... beautiful baby... bless you all... hugs." @Meghan adds, "Oh my heart this is amazing. We have to take care of our best friends." @Firinn adorably adds, "I told my daughter I wanted a side car for my stair chair when I get old for my dog and she thought I was joking. Thank You!!!" @Cynammon replies, "This brings all the feels."

It really does. People who care for and love senior dogs are just so special. They realize that every animal, no matter how old or infirm they get, deserves love and care just like younger ones. TikTok users are asking for a tutorial in the comments, and the user has yet to post one. If you are interested in creating your own chairlift for your pupper, here's a video that explains the process here.

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