Selma Blair Just Posted A Playful Butt Selfie While Recovering From MS Treatment

Alexis Jones
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Women's Health

  • Selma Blair posted a playful butt selfie on Instagram this weekend admist her MS treatment recovery

  • Some commenters criticized her for posing half-naked online.

  • The actress stood up for herself, writing, "I think it’s a vulnerable, humorous, odd and interesting fashion shot. I like it."

Selma Blair just proved her strength once again. Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, the actress has been insanely open about her journey with the disease. She's told her fans just about everything—from her vision loss to her balding. And now she's stripped down, posing half-naked in a recent Instagram photo.

This weekend, the actress posted a belfie (yep, butt selfie) on social media. Wearing just a pink and green sweater, Selma posed in front of a mirror and captioned the photo, "Portrait of a lady."

Several fans applauded the actress. One of them writing, "We should all be this free and comfortable with who we are and how we look."

Sure, there were a few haters in the comments section, too. But don't worry, Selma brought it with the clapbacks. When one commenter wrote, "wear your pants," Selma simply responded, " I don’t have any. Can you believe it! Minimalism 😂."

Another commenter said, "Sorry unfollowing," and Selma replied, "Is it something I said 😂?" And when one person accused the actress of just posting the photo for "shock factor," Selma stood up for herself writing back, "I think it’s a vulnerable, humorous, odd and interesting fashion shot. I like it."

Selma recently underwent chemotherapy and stem cell treatments to treat her multiple sclerosis, and is now recovering at home.

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