These Self-Tanner Drops Are Like Magic

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Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

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If your formative beauty years happened in the aughts, you grew up in a sunny place (Florida!), and you're naturally fairer skinned, you may have a lifelong liability to spend at least 75% of your beauty-minded efforts in pursuit of a sun-kissed look (or is it just me?). In an effort to fake the post-vacation glow, I've tried most everything—from expensive self-tanners to drugstore staples; spray tans to tanning beds (I repent!).

As with almost anything in life, there were pros and cons aplenty. The pricier things weren't always better, and often it seemed like a trade-off between appearance and application (and smell—the particular eau de spray tan still haunts me). It's actually a product I discovered within the last year that's most impressed me and warranted a re-buy. Tan-Luxe's tan drops are easy to use, deliver a natural color, and, now that I've discovered they're carried in Amazon's Premium Beauty shop, insanely easy to keep stocked in my medicine cabinet.

Unlike your typical self-tanner, drops are meant to be mixed in with your regular go-to lotion. I love—LOVE—this fact, as it means I no longer have to pick between my favorite moisturizer and faking a tan (if you're into skincare, it can feel painful to bypass part of your go-to routine on days when it's time to re-up your fake tan). Instead, every third day I add two drops to my regular lotion in the morning. In the fall or winter, it might just be a single drop every week. When you find the right product, it's completely possible to get color that looks like you just came back from a week of vacay. It's a win-win: better for your skin than actually sitting in the sun and, if you're like me, lets you skip foundation and fake a well-rested vibe.

The sheer variety of beauty products in the market means your head can turn easily, and I've definitely fallen prey to commitment issues when it comes to any sort of lotion, potion, or cosmetic. But trust: Now that I've found a facial self-tanner that looks realistic and works with my regular moisturizer—whatever it may be at that time—I'm not giving it up any time soon.

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