Selena Gomez Opens Up About Friendship With Francia Raísa 6 Years After Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez put rumors of a rift between the friends to rest.

Selena Gomez has put rumors of a rift with Francia Raísa to rest.

In an episode of the Apple TV+ docuseries Dear…, Gomez detailed her bond with Raísa, who donated one of her kidneys when Gomez needed a transplant in 2017.

"My best friend, her name is Francia. She said, 'I'm absolutely getting tested [to see if she could donate her kidney]," Gomez recalled. "So within three days, she went to go do it, and she was a match."

The actress continued, "It was one of those moments where I felt watched over. I know I was so, so lucky. I understand that that doesn't happen for a lot of people, and I know the outcome of some of those situations and how serious they are."

"I will never, ever, ever be more in debt to a person than Francia. The idea of someone not even second-guessing to be a donor was unbelievably overwhelming," she added.

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Fans had speculated that Gomez and Raísa were no longer friends after the How I Met Your Father star unfollowed the "Rare" singer on Instagram. However, in a Rolling Stone cover story from November 2022, it's said that Raísa attended Gomez's 30th birthday last July.

In addition to delving into her kidney transplant, Gomez also opened up on the Apple TV+ show about experiencing body shaming after gaining weight amid her lupus diagnosis.

"I was being shamed for gaining weight because of my lupus," she said. "I lied. I would go online, and I would post a picture of myself and I would say 'It doesn't matter. I'm not accepting what you're saying. All the while, being in the room, I'm posting that, crying my eyes out because nobody deserves to hear those things."

She explained that she would say it didn't bother her because she didn't want fans, who may've experienced similar bullying, to let it get to them. "I don't think anyone deserves to feel less than," Gomez said.

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